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There’s been plenty of talk lately about adding an official modded category. A couple of days ago, we were lucky enough to have Ellomenop release the alpha version of Hades Speedrunning Modpack, available in Pinned Messages in the #modification-station channel of the speedrunning Discord (available in the sidebar). The modpack includes an assortment of mods and other work from many of the big names in Hades modding - Magic_Gonads, PonyWarrior, erumi321, paradigmsort, Museus, and of course Ellomenop. With this, we can now move forward with the design and creation of a modded category in earnest.

Unfortunately, having these tools is not enough to make a modded category. The question we now have to answer is this: what rules should this modded category have?

There are a variety of approaches we can take. While _any_ ruleset we establish will require tweaking as unexpected holes or changes come up, we will need to start with a baseline. That’s where you come in!

We’re asking the entire community to cast their votes and share their opinions, so we can get a solid idea of what we all want from this category. While the modpack works for both IGT and RTA runs, we will be focusing on RTA/multi-weapon runs first. Please visit this survey and fill it out: https://forms.gle/FrQiheNwZEE61PEx5

You will be allowed to edit your responses, but please take your time with your answers. This survey will be up for a while. For arguments/reasoning on all of the options, we’ve drafted this document: http://bit.ly/3exih5G

Please discuss any of these items either here or in the #ideas-and-feedback channel of the Discord (again, in the sidebar). We’ll do our best to keep up with and participate in the discussion. Encourage others to weigh in. We also recommend trying the various settings out for yourself - see what feels good and what doesn't, so we can make sure the final ruleset is something we can be happy with.

We look forward to your responses.

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