Hades Forum  /  Early Access: what happens when they add more stuff?
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Current plan is to move obsoleted categories to a miscellaneous category until eventually we have the full game where it just becomes any%.
If anyone comes up with other categories, let me know, but same thing will happen if they add more game to the game, it goes in the misc pile.
Only other category I can think of right now is like new save file% but idk if anyone would do that, the game pretty much requires you to die a few times.

edit: oh yeah, as far as other weapons go, I'm of the opinion it doesn't matter what you use, but if anyone wants to have different weapons included I can do what I did on receiver or what they did for characters on the Gungeon board and add a "Weapon Used" variable so you can have multiple runs for each weapon that appear on the same leaderboard. right now there's hardly anybody here, so I'm not sure it's worth it, but once the full game is out, for sure.

let me know your opinion.

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