Patches changing IL runs.
5 years ago
South Australia, Australia

There have been a few hole changes to ILs with updates to the game, some beneficial, twilight 15 is good example, but some are hindering like haunted 12, so my question is can you run IL on any version of the IL or just the most recent version, also if the answer is only the most recent version then that should mean removal of all IL runs with holes that are different beneficial or not. p.s Also not sure if the optimal strat for haunted 13 is possible anymore.

Maryland, USA

Id rather have you take my trophies than for the ILs to be reset. OpieOP

Wiltshire, England

the ILs ain't optimised another (maybe the only exception forest) to be reset i would say

South Australia, Australia

oasis and forest as ILs i believe haven't changed so no runs would be removed, i am not saying ILs should be reset just either one of two things, anyone can run ILs in whatever version of the game, or all runs with old holes like twilight 15 or haunted 12 have to removed because they are runs of a past map that no longer exists. I prefer the first option it just gets confusing with full game runs whether or not they should only be run in the most up to date version or any version.

Richmond, VA, USA

I'd say this: if an update comes out and it's really hard to beat the IL WR due to hole changes, then I will have to reject all runs on the old update I guess

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South Australia, Australia

That's a fair jurisdiction at the moment the IL runs that have changed are only impacted by a few seconds so WR are still easily possible.

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