SGDQ 2017
7 years ago
Seattle, WA, USA

Hey guys! So my run of ASG2 got accepted into SGDQ! So exciting! I look forward to grinding my time down and getting way better for the event. Thanks to you guys for having run this first and letting me piggy back on your strats, etc.

I was wondering how certain we are that crafting is not something that could potentially save time. Are there no items that might help in the speedrun? I'm going to try and get some others involved in evaluating the route and strats just to see if we can find something new (more eyes is always better).

Anyways, excited about this and hope you guys are too!



Materials obtained after completing a level is RNG based and the upgrades are too ineffective. Is your run done with NTR streaming? I hope there is a good wi-fi signal at the event as previous 3DS runs used USB capture.

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Seattle, WA, USA

Hey man! Yeah, I do know they are RNG. I just wasn't sure if there were particular upgrades that would help if obtained, or possibly some things we missed. I use NTR but at the event I will borrow a hard capture device!


Hey, congrats on being accepted, I'm exited to see GV on a GDQ event again!

Seattle, WA, USA

Thanks ShinyGarnet!!!

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