The Spirit of Speedrunning is also to enable competition between people. One of the biggest engines for speedrunning was communication and sharing of demos so Players can learn from each other. There are many games with low competition but existing leaderboards and even empty categories. But speedrunning can also be about Routing and improving Routes and not only grinding and competition. In fact nobody is hurt if categories get an actual split by hardware especially if a game is pretty active overall. And in fact visibility in a leaderboard is something any speedrunner apreciates especially in the beginning. And hiding Hardware in sub options without a good reason (unlike in pokemon where emulators are concidered inaccurate) is a disadvantage for people outside the main hardware who are recommending visibility for themselves. And this should not be limited for people on the main hardware who are best (and often mods) in the game/category.

But i'm not running anything in GTA just my opinion about this repeating discussion in different communities.

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The competion argument is irrelevant. If playing on console is different enough then it should have its own category, independent of how competitive it is. It doesn't make sense to have two runs on the same leaderboard if they are not comparable to each other. There are plenty of games on this website that have one or very few players, and this doesn't prevent their leaderboards from existing.


if you really can't get an actual competitive platform

Any platform can be competitive. The fact that it is slower doesn't mean it is not a valid way to play the game. (In fact, GTA 5 was created specifically for console.) Like I said, it's like saying that Classic% should not exist because people are just choosing to go slow by not mission skipping/using taxis. It is a different way to play the game, not an inferior one. This is showing how you PC players have a superiority complex.


God of War is a shining example of this being done poorly, there are barely any PS2 runs for the original because using a PS3 is faster. The PS2 leaderboard has no actual competition and is purely there to pad people's profiles.

English_Ben, you know nothing about God of War so you should not talk about it. In God of War we separate the games just for fps/load time differences, which is a small difference which is not at all the case in GTA 5. In GTA 5, the difference between PC and console is much bigger and it is much more justifiable to separate the categories.

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I agree with JolieLegal, specially about the god of war community thing, if you have an argument such as “ If you can buy a brand new gen console, you can buy a PC that can run GTAV” & “ You are choosing to go slow by playing on a slower platform, that's completely fair.” Then I don’t think you have a valid argument, you should be more humble and understand that not being able to buy a pc is not an option sometimes.


I run this game on console and tbh I don't mind the current leaderboard setup however seperating the leaderboards would make it easier to compare times relative to the platform that you use.
I don't think there should be this a whole argument on something that doesn't make much difference to the majority of people anyway.
The current filtering system works just fine for me.

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I have GTA V in Rockstar Games launcher and i cant downgrade the game, if i try to downgrade it will auto update and i dont know why? Can some body help please or can i speedrun game on up-to-date version?


I am Pretty sure you can speedrun this game on any version.

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I'm not involved and this thread is quite old, but yeah the filtering is there, but that doesn't change it being hidden or a bit inconvenient. Especially for comparing a specific platform as stayed previously. I have a pc and using src on mobile works for most of it, but clicking on filters if kind of annoying to get working properly.