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I think that the leaderboard should be separated by platforms, because it’s a huge disadvantage to console players! PC is way more accurate and faster at loading than console, or at least make things like this PC / X360 - PS3 / XONE - PS4

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Yes but a console player won’t show up as top 1 in his profile


Because they're not top 1 lmao

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And how is that fair?


even amongst consoles it isn't "fair" in that sense. One console is faster than the other, some other person can have an SSD and save loading times thanks to that.
Even amongst PC runners the difference can be huge based on hardware. I've seen people lose 10-15seconds on a single load on PC so by that logic we would need different leaderboards based on hardware then.

It's a question of where do you draw the line and how active is a certain platform. I don't know much about the game but when you look at SM64 leaderboards they have it split based on the platform, but also each platform is extremly active which justifies the split.

If we had multiple active console runners that are putting in a reasonable amount of time and constantly improving it could be considered but that is currently not the case.

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I understand your POV, thanks for your answer!

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@ReloeReloe I wouldn't say SM64 is a good example. They split the categories because of virtual consoles & emulators, not because of activity.

@plxqplxq You are choosing to go slow by playing on a slower platform, that's completely fair.


@English_BenEnglish_Ben I understand that you don't think Console-only leaderboards are a good thing, but I want to clarify that sometimes you don't choose to go on a slower platform, you just go on it because you can't buy a better one, especially in countries of South America where the economic situation ain't the best atm.

I don't mean to sound dramatic (I realized my text kinda does), I just wanted to clarify that point 🙂

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If you can buy a brand new gen console, you can buy a PC that can run GTAV


You do realize that sometimes people get those console as a gift right? You sound so selfish holy Jesus

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to expand on what reloe said, the difference between the xbox one, and the xbox one x, is enough to make the post complications savewarp not worth it for the xbox one, which is a pretty significant change for trevor%, and that’s between 2 xbox ones, imagine the difference between xbox one x, and the xbox 360

(thx to a guy named joshjokayguy for helping me test this)

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The argument that console players are choosing to go slow is ridiculous. Running on console is different enough that it is not comparable to running on PC, so it should have its own category. People are not choosing to have a worse time in the run, they are just choosing to play the game a different way (and a way that is completely valid and reasonable). It's like saying that Classic% should not exist because people are just choosing to go slow by not mission skipping/using taxis.

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Did everyone just ignore my post lol. Just use the filter option for all the different platforms, problem solved. No need to split the leaderboard because you can already do it with this method.


No, filtering doesn’t change anything just compare Gta V leaderboard to God of War leaderboard

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then just compare GTA V leaderboard to all the other gta leaderboards. you can still feel accomplished without a website telling you


why does filtering not change anything?
Because you aren't listed as #1 on your profile with that?
Speedrunning shouldn't be about bragging about your "accomplishments" or collecting trophies on your profile page.
You have the option to compare yourself to others using the same platform and that is really all you need to see how good you're doing.
Also a question regarding this: I have no clue how to quickly see wether a run is done on xboxone or ps4 (you can tell ps3 vs ps4 or xbox360 vs xboxone easily due to new gen stuff) but is there an easy way to see the difference between xboxone vs ps4 aswell as xbox360 vs ps3?
If there isn't, that could have a big impact on the accuracy on the leaderboard when everyone can just enter whatever platform they want, without it being detectable.

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You can differentiate PS vx Xbox by the button prompts on the screen.

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There's a solution already present on the website if you really can't get an actual competitive platform that Derpeth mentioned & as Reloe said speedrunning is more than just trying to make new leaderboards so you can top them for free, that completely goes against the spirit of speedrunning.

God of War is a shining example of this being done poorly, there are barely any PS2 runs for the original because using a PS3 is faster. The PS2 leaderboard has no actual competition and is purely there to pad people's profiles. Your entire mindset of wanting this change for the same reason is pretty selfish, I'm sure I don't need to point out the irony there.

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Or maybe because most of the speedrunners are Brazilians and a ps2 In Brazil is hella expensive

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