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The PS4 world record for Countryside (30:07 by MrSpeed39) has numerous cuts throughout the video, so this time is wrong and the run should not have been accepted.

List of cuts:


I timed the duration of the first cut, and it is about 10 seconds. I expect the others are similar.

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Nice find,and I love the cut at 7:40


Thank you for finding that
I removed my run and I am realy embaresed that I did look throught my whole run because I would have seen it
At fira I thought that youtube messed up my footage but then I went into my capture gallery and saw the exact same thing.
There is also 1 additional cut at 13:10
I also found this cuts across multiple videos saved in my capture gallery and it looks like they are happening randomly.
I do not know what caused my footage to be corupted in this way but if anyone knows they can feel free to let me know
I have nothing else to say but to appologize for all the inconvenience this brought

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while this definetly should've been noticed by the mod who verified it(can't see anymore who did because you deleted the run), one way to prevent that for yourself in the future is by simply having a timer running. Doesn't need to have splits or whatever, just have a simple timer run on your phone.
Then at the end of the run you can compare your phone-timer with the length of your video and you'll notice smth like this.


Good on you for owning up to it bro


I think I might have found out what causes these cuts mid videos and I would like to hear other PS4 players about this
The only logical thing for me about all this is that the notification blocks all the recording (friend online, battery low...) because all the cuts are almost the same lenght and every time I livestream the notification was blured on stream.
Next time I will definetly use timer on my phone to compare it

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