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If anyone has the list for the order of the mission that would help me a lot thanks

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@AlinyscoAlinysco The mission order depends on the category, but there is a mission tree in the resources under tools called mission map.

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@AlinyscoAlinysco If you just want to know the order of the missions in the run, the tree might be a bit messy, so I'd recommend you to download splits for the category that you want to run and there you'll have the missions/Collectibles in order.

To download splits from someone first you have to download LiveSplit, this is the app that every speedrunner uses to time himself, with this app you can add splits for each mission to know where you can save time, what’s your best possible time, etc. Then, once you downloaded it and opened it you have to do Right-click on LiveSplit > Open splits > From > Mark the option in the left bottom “Download Empty” > Then type “Grand Theft Auto V” > Search > Click the “+” symbol to the left of “Grand Theft Auto V” > Select the category you wanna run > Choose one of the splits from the people in the leaderboard

However, if you want to know which character can start each mission and that kind of info, the tree in resources is the best option.

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I don’t have a pc good enough to run gta so if I would do it it would be on ps4 (also i’m thinking about running Classic%) I’m really unprepared for this and have no idea how to time myself (i’m not feeling so good right now so excuse me if I missed something or it’s hard to understand me)

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To time yourself in PS4 probably the best thing you can do is downloading an app similar to LiveSplit for Mobile phones, and time yourself there. The chronometer does not have to appear in the recording, so you can just record your screen or stream your game and have your splits on your cellphone to see what time you get.

This is the best app I found to time yourself for Android, I honestly have no idea of how the App Store works so sorry but if you have iOS you'll have to look for an app yourself: https:/​/​play.​google.​com/​store/​apps/​details?id=com.​futuretrostudios.​frameperfect

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Thank you very much for your help I really appreciate it

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