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Grand Theft Auto V Forum  /  Savewarping on console tutorial thingy

hold down on the dpad on a loading screen until the music dips down, then use the stick to move to another character other than the one your loading into, let go of the dpad and then the stick when the music comes back up

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Does this work on old gen as well?

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No one has tested it so far, so probably yeah but we're not sure

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The bad thing about save warping on console is that playing on the current patch makes loading longer than driving. I've only tested savewarping on the trevor% run, but its possible save warping could be worth it in other parts of the game.

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I tested savewarping on ps4, and the only places where is it actually faster than driving are after Dead Man Walking and after The Big Score


For Dead Man Waking it's faster to do a trevor hangout. Same for Big Score I'd imagine.


I did some more testing, you were partially right. Here are my results:
Dead Man Walking The Big Score
Just drive 02:10-02:20 01:50-01:55
Death Warp 02:00-02:10 01:45-01:50
Hangout 01:20-01:25 Unavailable
Savewarp 01:45-01:50 01:45-01:50
Conclusion: Hangout on DMW is faster and death warping on TBS is faster

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