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Grand Theft Auto V Forum  /  Ifruit App: A Year In Review (Locked)

Gotta use features properly. A sub category is overkill. Those labels were made for a reason though, and this is exactly it. Use them

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Removing the variable altogether while still allowing runs that use the app just further proves my point that DV would rather bury this than actually address the issue. I think you know you are in the wrong, and your conflict of interest is holding you back.


this is not about the app being banned or allowed. This is about the fact that the WR run now breaks the rules of the leaderboard. you can do what ever mental gymnastics you want to avoid this the fact of the matter is darkviper changed the rules and is now failing to enforce them.

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Big 2 Don't Ban it

Once rules are breaked some kind of action must be taken against the rulerbreaker right ?

in top of that self-verifying a run is not a good thing to do regardless of what kind of situation we talking to, but at the end of the day its always goes by the standards that SOMEONE ELSE takes the time and effort to check the VOD/Video to see if everything its alright in place.

again i felt this is one of many examples of why sometimes the site needs rules when comes to do verification on runs i mean is not that hard to follow them verify other's speedrunners runs and never yours !!!

anyways im rooting for the Ifruit app doesn't get banned and a run does't consider to grandfathered since all runners have the chance to break the WR


4 Days still no response from the mod team

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5 days still no response from the mod team

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The issue is already resolved.

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There is no issue here.
As stated by the moderator who is also current WR holder: "As was the case with previous rule changes, any runs that were valid previously will remain valid."

If you disagree with the banning of the iFruit app, you can make a new thread that asks people to vote yes/no to unban it and create an iFruit column as suggested by S.

Shoutout to RWhiteGoose! 😛


This whole thing shows that the GTA community relies on the "good ol boy" system instead of actual integrity. What a bummer.


Has anyone ever even properly timed the iFruit app? Or is the 1 minute it saves just an estimate?
Anyways the only other active runner of V couldnt care less about the WR staying up so i say let it.

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so no announce & nor response in the matter of this issue. because its an issue for the current & future gtav speedrunners.

no your run OP shouldn't and i hope never its going to be taken in consideration to be Granfathered, thats the silliest thing i ever read so far in a speerunning community so far, banning the app ain't the solution neither a speedrunner is more than capable to use it or not thats his choice and not yours to decide if sabotage or make a run invalid.

at final approving your own runs is just like resembling a todd rogers attitude, by this meaning you approving your runs without having the courtesy or asking other mod to do it to follow the rules by the book.

i don't know at this point im eager to contact the site moderators and see what they have to say about this thing because if GTA:SA runners community isn't that messed up not that much btw now seeing the GTAV runners community being ruled with this non-sense about banning an app ahhh no ? sorry not sorry ain't happening JUST Doesnt make ANY sense at all


"I have the world record. Now, I will ban the app so anyone will not be able to beat this."
DarkViperAU, july 2018

I'm thinking to this sometimes.

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The wr is not impossible to beat, if it were, ifruit wouldn’t be banned.


And Darkviper beat the old record without IFruit, so his IFruit record no longer exists on the leaderboard. Easiest solution at the end of the day.
I'm honestly a little surprised RWhites's vid didn't attract more people outside the GTA speedrunning community to the issue, but I guess that's not important now.


the video was not necessary anyways, wr was set before the app was banned, therefore it should not have been removed. but yeah gg to matt for ending the "drama"

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