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Grand Theft Auto V Forum  /  Ifruit App: A Year In Review (Locked)
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The last post on this issue was by me and reads as follows: "With 11 votes for 'Allow' and 3 votes for 'Ban', a majority has been reached and thus this poll is now closed. The Ifruit app will remain allowed until circumstances change significantly enough to justify further discussion or a vote on the matter"

I believe in the last year circumstances have changed enough that reassessing the issue is justified. I bring this up in part because I may be leaving in the coming months so I feel it is better to address my concerns now.

Three new points have come forth that were either not known about, not considered fully, or had not occurred at the tim of the last vote:

1. The failed widespread adoption of the app, representing a disagreement between actual runners and the outcome of the previous vote.
In the classic% category only my run certainly uses the ifruit app, maybe S' run does as well. In trevor%, the current WR holder doesn't use it. We can't even be sure which runs use it because 'Yes' actually is the default option and so errors can occur.

2. Being banned by Rockstar online prevents you from using the ifruit app in the single player game.
This presents issues. Your conduct in another game, or an error by another entity, can prevent you using the app. While you can buy another copy of the game, this does seem to be a bit absurd.

3. Server errors causing outages of the app mid-run.
Social club has always caused some issues with running GTA V but the ifruit app takes this a step further. The ifruit app's usability being hard dependent on the health of the social club servers has been shown as an issue. This presents a distinct difference between it and things like the tingle tuner in Wind Waker, which has no such dependency.

I did not vote previously, but I would at this stage want it banned. I do like the meme number plates and the changing colour of the car, but perhaps at this stage it isn't worth it.

Please vote
1 for yes, ban it.
2 for no, don't ban it.
3 for other with a suggestion for different option.

As was the case with previous rule changes, any runs that were valid previously will remain valid.


My vote: 1.
However, if it saves time and it is banned it seems unfair to leave runs that use it on here. Of course this was done with the GInput ban in trilogy games, although I’m not aware of anyone using that to save time.


i'll vote for number 1.

from what i've seen the app does give a time save however if not everyone can use it i.e " Ban on Rockstar online " that give that person a unfair usage of that app. ( meaning that runner can't use it ) all runs should be on a level playing field and the app makes it unfair.

as far as the boards go I only have a T% run on there so i can't really say what should or should not be done to the runs that have the app used but i say have them grandfathered in and if it is possible the next run that runner does without the app gets put in as their new " PB " for the boards. just my input and if it's wrong or can't be done my bad. 🙂

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Ban it.

People using the Rockstar Warehouse version on patch 1.27 are completely unable to use it because of the fact that Social Club is in offline mode. It pretty much gives an advantage to people that bought the Steam version.

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Changes to the rules have now been made to reflect the consensus. It is now banned.


If the iFruit app is banned, then why are there runs still on the leaderboard that use it? Surely, current and future runners cannot be expected to compete against runs that use a banned tool. I believe all runs that utilize the iFruit App should be removed.

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do not ban the ifruit app, there is barely any time save involved with the app that it shouldn't matter.

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sorry @darkviper but i'm gonna have to expose you on twitter to the yoshihead army, prepare to be annihilated

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My run does use it, I would like to continue having a chance to improve my PB in the future.

It being allowed doesn't mean people have to use it. As is evident, people can go just fine without. And the column to label it works just fine. If people can't be bothered to change it to No then well not our fault that they'll now be competing with faster strats is it?

As far as server outages go, it's just another form of RNG/luck. It's the price you pay for using extra tech, same as with implementing any new strategy, those also don't succeed 100% of the time.

As far as getting banned from GTAO - that's your own dumb fault. If you buy a disc and then accidentally toss it in the blender, why should we care? Sure, it's a mistake that has nothing to do with the game itself, but so does having to take a piss break in the middle of a run. Suck up the timeloss if you can't prepare for your run well.

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How much time does this app save anyway?

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S with all due respect. It's like having a time save in super mario 64 be related to your conduct in Club penguin, and the time save dependent on the servers for club penguin. GTA Online is not the same game as GTA V and time saves in the game should not be held hostage by affairs involving it. People are banned online all the time due to errors, false detections of benign software or being given modded money etc. I will grant the server is less of an issue but we did not know of the banning problem previously. We could take advice from other speedgames but I can't think of something comparable that wasn't also banned.

Derpeth, about a minute. A prescient was set when Toriks used the 500k in his 100% run and the money was officially banned afterwards. The run stayed up because the record was just going to be beaten anyway and losing the history seemed to make little sense. The only record currently using the app is classic%, which is an old run. I am confident Toriks or I will beat the run when we get back to doing the category. 100% is more important atm.

As for grandfathering in my run, the only competitor to me is Toriks who doesn't use the app. Whether or not the app is banned makes little difference to whether I will lose the WR to Toriks. At best, all it does is make it harder for me to extend my lead over Toriks.


Posts made specifically to mock others will be deleted.


You raise a fair point. I however, will continue to use the app in future runs should I ever do them (I do plan on it). I don't see why we shouldn't use the column for it if it's there already anyway.


Darkviper you must see the fatal flaw you have created here. Your world record run now has time save no one else can obtain. Making this unfair for all future runners. If this ban on iFruit stays then you need to remove all the runs with iFruit in them.

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You have also hosted a pole that effects the whole leaderboard of the game and failed to inform anyone who runs the game beside your discord, this has created a unfair pole that is completely bias. And from how Demetrius words his post it’s clear that just because darkviper says something needs to be banned, then it should be banned. Pole need to open again and if this vote stays all iFruit runs should be banned

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It should be noted I am for the ban on iFruit but not for runs staying on the leaderboard that use it. To create a fair environment of competition

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I'm late, but 2.

The IFruit app (available on IOS, Android, and PS Vita for free) is an application by Rockstar Games for Grand Theft Auto 5.


I was never a particular fan of it being allowed in the first place, I guess the three points in the first post solidify my position on that.

As for grandfathering in old runs, i dunno. We keep Hugo's controller runs using Ginput on the SA leaderboards because they were done Ginput was outlawed, on the other hand they were not (or even threatening) WR.

It's a shame there is no feature that allows you put a "UNDER DIFFERENT RULESET" marker next to runs on the board.

At the very least DV, if the ban does occur, could you put a note in your run that clearly states that it was achieved using features no longer permissible?

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Can the iFruit column not just be made to default only show runs that don't use it? That's what that feature is there for on the site, to filter out runs with certain properties.

I fail to understand why people, instead of bitchering about shit, don't just use the features the site already provides.

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Following that logic you could also argue the point that there's nothing stopping it from being a sub-category either, so people that don't want to play with something that's obviously an advantage don't have to be ranked on the same leaderboard as the people that do. Seems like the best suggestion given the fact that there is clearly a group of people that would like to keep posting and furthering times with the app and there is clearly a group of people that would like those runs to not be on the same leaderboard as their run that doesn't utilize said app.

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