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I recently created an extremely simple autosplitter for the Steam version of GTA V (based on one for GTA IV)

What it does, is split every time the number of missions (and strangers and freaks, for the required Tonya mission) increases by 1.

Due to the fact I'm not experienced in this stuff and I learned as I went along, as well as the fact this game acts pretty strange, there are some things to note.

1) You need an individual split for each mission/s&f (this includes Prologue)

2) The way the game calculates completed missions can be odd, so it will split at seemingly random times. For example, on "The Jewel Store Job" the game doesn't count the mission as completed, until Franklin finishes the phone call in the strip club. Sometimes the game counts missions as completed before the "Mission passed" screen as well. While this could cause issues comparing against other splits, once using the autosplitter and comparing times, comparisons will remain consistent.

3) The script won't start automatically, you will need to start it. It also won't split at the correct endings, so you need to manually split at the end as well.

4) The script is basically useless for 100% as it only splits after missions and strangers and freaks

To use the script just download one of the files below

This is for STEAM version 1.27 of the game which is the best version for all categories

This is for the latest STEAM verion (as of 11th July 2018)

UPDATE: Use this version for 1.27
There is a downgrader in this thread to automatically downgrade

Then in Livesplit, edit your layout, and add a "scriptable auto splitter", then double click it and browse to the file you downloaded.

If anyone has experience with Cheat Engine, and has an idea how to get some useful pointers like when the game starts, or when certain cutscenes start, that would be nice to know.

Below is a cheat table with a few pointers + offsets I found (Steam version 1.27 only)

Another thing to note is, there is an in-game completeion value (stored as a float) but I can't find the static address + offset for that, otherwise it could be useful for 100% runs

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Is running cheat engine alongside gta v on steam safe? I've been considering dabbling in this myself but I haven't due to fears of potential bans.


In story mode definitely. The game does have some kind of anti-debugging built in, so any debugging (i.e. trying to find static addresses) just force closes the game.

I think if you tried this in Online you might get banned.

However if you use DBVM, you can get past it. You can activate DBVM by clicking the text at the bottom here (in the "about" screen)

and then enabling kernel mode debugger in settings

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Autosplitter for All Stunt Jumps (v1.27)

Won't split on missions, only USJs

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Updated the autosplitter a little so it has settings to split on missions, strangers & freaks and stunt jumps (just tick the ones you want)

Also has an option to skip splitting on prologue.

split on missions: yes
split on strangers and freaks: yes
split on stunt jumps: no
split on prologue: yes

STEAM 1.27

Still no useful memory value to get it to start/finish automatically or reset on a new game (if anyone has any suggestions, let me know) and of course it still splits when the game itself counts a mission as being passed (when you take control of the character). Nothing I can do about this

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Also thought I would share this here rather than making a new thread.

I created a batch file to automatically downgrade to 1.27 or upgrade to 1.27 (it gives you options). it works perfectly except for one small thing

- renames some of the existing files (GTA5.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe, steam_api64.dll, update.rpf) and adds .bk to the end, then it will copy the 1.27 files over
- uninstalls the latest social club (you will need to confirm)
- note it SHOULD silently reinstall the required social club for 1.27 silently, but sometimes it either doesn't, or it pops up asking about compatibility settings, so you might need to manually run social club after

- deletes the 1.27 files (GTA5.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe, steam_api64.dll, update.rpf)
- renames the old files removing .bk
- uninstalls the old social club (you will need to confirm)
- silently installs the latest social club

You can see a video here

And download it here (including the 1.27 files)

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I was trying too start using the upgrader/downgrader the other day and I noticed that it didn't work if the script was in a sub-directory with spaces (for example the GTAV directory). Added some quotes that alleviate that problem. Tried to contact illuminati on discord, but I couldn't find him so here is a gist of the updated version!