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Is running cheat engine alongside gta v on steam safe? I've been considering dabbling in this myself but I haven't due to fears of potential bans.

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I was trying too start using the upgrader/downgrader the other day and I noticed that it didn't work if the script was in a sub-directory with spaces (for example the GTAV directory). Added some quotes that alleviate that problem. Tried to contact illuminati on discord, but I couldn't find him so here is a gist of the updated version!

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I've made a slightly better version of the original autosplitter. For Classic%, it combines Hood Safari And Scouting the Port, combines all the blitzplay missions into one (everything after MiniSub till blitzplay) and combines the 2nd gauntlet/3rd gauntlet/stingers into one.

It also supports CloseShave/UnderTheBridges% too.

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It's made for the steam version of GTA with the downgrade. If anyone wants to change the offsets or find new ones (the ints at the top) for other versions of the game, here's a rough guide:
1. Get cheat engine
2. open the game in cheat engine and prepare the value. you can start from 0, but it'd recommend for example that you do 5-6 Missions/Stunt Jumps/Bridges first in order to get rid of a ton of values
3. do a scan for value type = all (im lazy) for your value. so if you had done 5 bridges, search for 5. let it run
4. do another thing in game that changes the value. then search again for the new value
5. repeat step 5 until you just have one value left, then double click it to send it to the bottom table in cheat engine
6. right click it and "Pointer Scan for this address".
7. Set the Maximum Offset Value to "999999" and the Max Level to "2". then hit ok with the other default options. this will take a long time and find many values
8. Leave cheat engine open and close the game
9. re-open the game and repeat steps 2 to 5 again to find the address but LEAVE THE POINTERSCAN WINDOW OPEN!
10. once youve found the value, in the pointerscan window hit Pointer scanner -> Rescan memory and then enter the new Address you found
11. if you are lucky, this will shorten the list to a managable leve where you can make an educated guess and just try out the values for the offsets (the int b: 0x2A0D4B0, 0x30318;, you'll be replacing both numbers) - "0xBaseAdress, 0xOffset 0" (you should have something like this if you need help at this point Pm me on discord and i can try to help. just try out the pairs you get in-game with the splitter and see if they work. if you sitll have over like 20 values at this point then repeat steps 8 and 10 again to curtail the list more.

These links have more info:

There are ways to discover non-incremental values as well that are more advanced. PM me on discord if you have an idea for one.

And this convo start on the Speedrun Tool Dev Discord

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Hi, I have a little problem with the autosplitter, the thing is that when I load a save file, the autosplitter detects that I completed a mission and activates a split, which makes me impossible to perform the save warps ...

Do you know any solution? Thanks in advance


@Akja just add a fake split or hit your undo split button


I just started speedruning golf%( i dont have time and knowledge for more). Do you know if there is a script for that category? Or do you maybe even have one? I can´t write one myself because as said i don´t have that much time and i have no clue how to. Thank you in advance


The autosplitter in Resources also works for golf

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