Defective Edition Duping and Instapassing Giga Thread

Posting all dupes and instapasses known here because is gross having to dig stuff up in Discord and also the Defective Edition is the game without a proper Thread about it until now :). Now we will have everything in one place.

Duping Setups:

  • Blood Bowl ➜ Courier ➜ Any mission. Credits to @elNachoLV for the Blood Bowl OM0 setup.

  • Kickstart ➜ Vigilante ➜ Death/busted warp ➜ Any mission

  • Submissions OM0 setups (Use FPS Cap)

Works like OG Submissions OM0. Just the timining is earlier than the one from Original SanAndreas. Mandupes are the way to go in this version it seems.

Dupes (that are different from OG couterpart and more):

  • Drive-By Dupe

Can be duped normally and skips Sweet's Girl. Also with Vigilante you can triple Drive-By (Vigilante stack restarts the mission when finishing the first two, given 3 completitions).

  • Jizzy (Cutscene) Dupe

Jizzy (Cutscene) when duped it just Instapass Jizzy (Mission) (it's not stuck one instance like OG).

  • Ryder Triplication

Same case as Drive-By. Vigilante stack just restarts the mission after passing the first two given 3 completitions (No softlocking out of progression due to first 2 instances being passed before the start of the third one).

  • Gray Imports Triplication

Same case as Drive-By and Ryder.

  • Wrong Side of the Tracks Triplication

Same case than the other two but with BMX/NRG-500 Challenge .

  • Los Sepulcros Triplication (Dupe)

Again BMX/NRG-500 Challenge is used to restart the mission by stack, but in this case Los Sepulcros dupe will always fails an instance afer finishing the mission so while doing this setup you pass 2 Los Sepulcros Instances (one finishes normally, one fails because the dupe and the last one by stack instantly passes. Useless, softlocks out of progression. You need to do Reuniting the Families to unlock Green Sabre).

Duping Setups and routes:

  • A Home in the Hills Dupe

A Home in the Hills is a mission which needs to be started in an interior world. And becasue of this and becasue we don't know how to hold calls in this version (yet), you can dupe this mission by using another mission. There are two known ways.

Pimping ➜ A Home in the Hills

Kickstart ➜ A Home in the Hills

  • Home Invasion ➜ Catalyst (Optimization)

Because of the requiered mandupes in order to dupe faster in this version we could just dupe Catalyst with a Taxi after Home Invasion.

  • Loco Syndicate and Woozie ➜ Outrider

T-Bone Mendez and Mountain Cloud Boys can be dupe as normal (recommended because in this version 0* Glitch is not only slower it is also easy to loose when the accuracy of the NPCs is increased). Also Lure can be duped in this version. Skips Amphibious Assault (swimming which is really cancer in this version). Found by @GoingHam.

  • Monster ➜ Learning to Fly

You can dupe Highjack and Verdant Meadows like this.

  • Misappropriation ➜ Saint Mark Bistro

You can dupe Misappropriation and Black Project like this.

  • Beat Down on B Dup ➜ End of the Line

You can dupe Beat Down on B Dup in this version (reload autosave becasue none peds will spawn after the dupe, so you reload the autosave and you have the mission dupe and also peds spawnning normal). Also you can dupe Riot. Tried to dupe Los Desperados to skip Gang Territories but when you dupe the mission one instance fails when you finish it.

Partial Skips:

  • Burning Desire Partial Skip with Vigilante (skips to the part where you have to torch the house. Game crashes after you throw a molotov to a window).

  • Life's a Beach Instafail/Partial Skip with Pimping (skips right into to the dance minigame. Instafails one instance and softlocks the game in the cutscene previously. But you can avoid being softlocked by restarting autosave).

  • Madd Dogg´s Rhymes Partial Skip with Kickstart (skips right into the cutscene where the game tolds you how to sneak out. Then game crashes).

  • Pier 69 Partial Skip with Kickstart (skips right in to the cutscene where Cesar says that T-Bone Mendez is in the Pier. But game softlocks after Cesar's line).

  • Og Loc Partial Skip wtih 8Track/Dirt Track (skips to the part where you have to go to Freddy's house with Og Loc, Sweet and Big Smoke. One instance get stuck).

  • Home Coming Partial Skip with 8Track/Dirt Track (skips right into the cutscene where the game tells you to kill the drug dealers and save groove street. One instance fails and then game crashes).

  • Mountain Cloud Boys Partial Skip with Trucking (skips to the part where you have to destroy the attacking cars with woozie but none of them spawn. Skips Ran Fa Li. Double money and percentage).

  • Nines and AKs Partial Skip with Los Santos Gym (skips right into the cutscene where you arrive at Emmet's place with Big Smoke. Skips Drive-By. Double percentage and respect. Softlocks out of progression. Drive-By unlocks Ryder's missions strand).

  • Outrider Partial Skip with Las Venturas Gym (skips right into the cutscene where CJ is in the gas station talking with T-Bone and Toreno. One instance fails and one is stuck).

  • Freefall Partial Skip with Las Venturas Gym (skips to the part where you have to kill the Sindaccos men in the plane after pressing space).

  • Groove 4 Life Instafail/Partial Skip with Zeroning In (skips to the part where you need to come back to Groove Street with Sweet. Instafails one instance previously).

Early Unlocks:

  • Early Wang Cars mission strand Unlock (Driving School skip) with Mountain Cloud Boys

Mountain Cloud Boys ➜ Property Purchase

  • Early Old Venturas Strip Hotel Suite Unlock with Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl ➜ Property Purchase

  • Early The Clown's Pocket Safehouse Unlock with Pimping

Pimping ➜ Property Purchase

  • Early Fort Carson Safehouse Unlock with Back to School (Cutscene)

Pimping ➜ Back to School (Cutscene) ➜ Property Purchase

  • Early Chinatown Safehouse Unlock with Courier

Blood Bowl ➜ Courier ➜ Property Purchase

  • Early Mulholland Safehouse Unlock with Zeroing In

Blood Bowl ➜ Courier ➜ Zeroing In ➜ Property Purchase

  • Early Doherty Safehouse Unlock with Doberman

Doberman ➜ Property Purchase


  • Los Santos Gym Moves Instapass with Pimping

Pimping ➜ LS Gym

  • Wu Zi Mu/Farewell my Love... Instapass with Courier

Courier ➜ Wu Zi Mu/Farewell my Love... (game softlocks in the cutscene and then game crashes).

  • Lowrider Challenge (Bet and Dance) Instapass with Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl ➜ Lowrider Challenge (Bet and Dance)

  • Lowrider Challenge (Bet and Dance) Instapass with Kickstart

Kickstart ➜ Lowrider Challenge (Bet and Dance)

  • Running Dog Instapass with Catalyst

Catalyst ➜ Running Dog (same issue as his SA Original couterpart. Can be used as a MDV Strat?).

  • Supply Lines... Instapass with Lure

Pimping ➜ Lure ➜ Supply Lines... (game crashes a few frames later due to wrong stack).

  • BMX/NRG-500 Challenge Instapass with Zeroing In

Blood Bowl ➜ Courier ➜ Zeroing In ➜ BMX/NRG-500 Challenge (leaves one instance).

  • Los Santos Gym Moves Instapass with Doberman

Doberman ➜ LS Gym

-Kickstart Instapass with Photo Opportunity

Photo Opportunity ➜ Kickstart

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More Instapasses

  • King in Exile (Cutscene) Instapass with BMX/NRG-500 Challenge

BMX/NRG-500 Challenge ➜ King in Exile (Useless and softlocks out of progreesion. None Catalina mission is unlocked).

  • Las Venturas Gym Moves Instapass with Blood Bowl

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Life's a Beach Dupe Credits @EzeKah

Og Loc ➜ Life's a Beach (Optimization)

Use the Broadway parked next to the Idlewood gas station to dupe Life's a Beach.

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More Instapasses:

  • Big Smoke Instapass with Key to Her Heart

Key to Her Heart ➜ Big Smoke (leaves one instance that get stuck but can be unstuck by the autosave)

  • The Green Sabre Instapass with Nines and AK's

Nines and AK's ➜ The Green Sabre (leaves one instance that get stuck but can be unstuck by the autosave)

  • Stowaway Instapass with A Home in the Hills

A Home in the Hills ➜ Stowaway (leaves one instance)

  • You've Had Your Chips Instapass with Reuniting the Families

Reuniting the Families ➜ You've Had Your Chips (leaves one instance)

  • Cop Wheels Instapass with Ryder

Ryder ➜ Cop Wheels (leaves one instance)

One new Partial Skip:

  • San Fierro Gym Partial Skip with Running Dog

Running Dog ➜ San Fierro Gym (skips to the fight part, then game crashes when leaving the gym after the fight)

One new Early unlock:

  • Early The Camel's Toe Hotel Suite Purchase with Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach ➜ Property Purchase

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New setups:

  • Trucking OM0 setup


  1. Start Trucking with a submission OM0.
  2. Cap to 3 until you see the red marker again.

  • Gang Territories Skip with Riot X3


  1. Start Flying School OM0 and start first lesson.
  2. Leave the lesson plane and grab another one.
  3. Fly to San Fierro and start Valet Parking.
  4. Enter the near pizza shop and cancel the Flying School lesson
  5. Use Thermal goggles to move in the interior and reach verdant meadows safe house.
  6. Save and reload.
  7. After reloading the save go and start a mission that dupes Riot (twice).
  8. Go to the Valet Parking area and get OM0 deathwarp to Los Santos in the wardrobe interior.
  9. After deathwarping start Riot and pass the mission tripled.

New Instapass:

Cleaning the Hood Instapass with Vigilante


  1. Start trucking OM0.
  2. Start Vigilante with Trucking.
  3. Kill yourself to remove one instance.
  4. After deathwarp start Cleaning the Hood.

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