Separate categories for PSP & PS2?
1 year ago

Hi. I'm new to this scene so sorry if it's a stupid question. If the PS2 version with its lag, loadtimes, etc. can't be compared to PSP and how fast it's gameplay is, then why not have separate categories?

Virgin Islands, U.S.

Because it's the same game still. The separation would make sense if the content was different. Like in VCS 100% - there are more tasks in the PS2 version. But in LCS it's all the same. Don't forget we have filters that allow you to choose the console and see all the runs that were done on it. If you actually try them, you'll see that there are barely any runs that were done on a PS2 which is another reason we don't want this separation. It'll just create a lot of (close to) empty categories.

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Got it. Thanks a lot.

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