Autosplitter in Development for Emulator
5 years ago

Hello fellow LCS runners!

For a while now I've been working on an autosplitter for LCS through the PPSSPP Emulator with the help of zazaza691 and Parik.

Currently the autosplitter can be used for:

  • Any%
  • Extension categories like All Missions, OoT% and Ingame 100%
  • Collectible categories
  • 100% with mission splits or combining them with collectible splits
  • Seagull Snipe The script also supports starting the timer automatically according to the current timing rules .

Currently the autosplitter works with:

  • PPSSPP: 64-bit executable, from v1.4 up to v1.14.1 in addition to v1.15, standard or Gold
  • GTA LCS: ULUS10041_1.05_ARTiSAN (CRC32: 87E2772E; v1 American UMD disc release; MAIN.SCM dated 12/10/2005) ONLY

You can always find the latest version here. Make sure to check back regularly after a new version of PPSSPP gets released!

After opening LiveSplit and the layout you want to use right click on the timer and select Edit Layout.... Click on the big + icon on the left side of the new window and select Control -> Scriptable Auto Splitter. Double click on the new Scriptable Auto Splitter element in the list of objects. A new window will open. Click on the Browse... button and locate the downloaded .asl file. Wait while LiveSplits is processing the script.

The window should look like this. From here you can select what events you want the script to autosplit on. All options show tooltips when you hover the cursor over them, telling you exactly what event triggers a split. If a compatible PPSSPP version is being used, Game Version will display detected otherwise unknown. If Game Version doesn't appear at all you launched the wrong emulator executable (eg PPSSPPWindows.exe instead of PPSSPPWindows64.exe).

In the future I would like to update the script to:

  • Add individual options for splitting for each mission (on start and pass separately)
  • Add individual options for splitting for each Import/Export vehicle
  • (complete)
  • (complete)

Any feedback and new ideas to implement are welcome. Feel free to post a reply in this thread, open an issue on GitHub or simply contact me on Discord.

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New version with support for collectibles and import/export final splits is up. Currently working on supporting different emulator versions.

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With the release of PPSSPP v1.9, I've published the new version of the autosplitter that now supports every stable emulator release from v1.7 to v1.9.


Updated the autosplitter with improved version control, meaning it will work for upcoming PPSSPP version for a (hopefully) long time.

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Updated the autosplitter to support the new v1.13 and v1.13.1 releases of PPSSPP. Implemented a couple of new options to further support collectible categories. Auto-start now works according to the latest timing rules, but unfortunately auto-reset had to be removed for now. Any% Final Split currently remains unchanged.

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Updated the autosplitter to work with v1.13.2, v1.14 and v1.14.1 of PPSSPP.

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EDIT: The latest update does not work as intended, so the last supported version remains v1.14.1 for now.

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In order to avoid confusion, the partially working support for PPSSPP v1.14.2-1.14.4 has been removed. The last supported version remains v1.14.1.

Unfortunately due to the severe limitations of the ASL language, I haven't find a way to make version management for PPSSPP scriptable, so I reached the point where I can't develop this autosplitter any further.

The future of autosplitting are Auto Splitting Runtimes (ASR) for which support is being integrated into LiveSplit and LiveSplit One. Who knows, maybe I'll start writing an ASR script once there are more resources out there... if somebody else decides to go for it in the meantime, feel free to hit me up so I can share the knowledge I gathered from the development of this autosplitter and the PPSSPP 100% Checklist (which is still going to be developed and supported).

Keep on running!


I pushed out another update to make it work with v1.15. This will probably be the last one.

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