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2 years ago
West Yorkshire, England

Dear moderators As a runner of GTA both OG and Definitive I would like to request a glitchless category

-No Duping -No om0 -No Instapassing

I'm sure am not the only one who thinks that the GTA 3 speedruns are filled with cheese and exploitation and for runners like myself who like to do things glitchless it really puts you off competing for a higher place when the person above glitches the game.

Thank you

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Cheshire, England

Fully agreed. - Would make for a much more chill category, and I think it would entice more people to begin running the game as it's more friendly for beginners. Fingers crossed my guy :)

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Can honestly agree with both of ya :D I'd like to actually try Glitchless one day. Especially if the weapon swap sprinting glitch gets patched on PC lol

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Has om0 but go ahead :)) > Any% Dupeless

  • Definitive Edition basically already is dupeless/no om0
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West Yorkshire, England

What im asking for is a "Any% Glitchless" and "All Missions Glitchless" section to be added to this board not to be sent somewhere else.

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Pomorskie, Poland

GTA boards historically haven't really added Glitchless categories because the definition of a glitch is really broad (especially with this version of the game) and different for everyone. If you really want such a category, they've usually just been added to the memeboard.

West Yorkshire, England

anomalous glitches happen but when a player purposely does something that puts the game in a glitched state like om0 being the best example of doing something that isn't as intended.

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I'd like to see a glitchless sub-category as well, would be nice to have - It's easier to not do the sliding glitch once 1.02 hits PC as well since... well, it was removed, so there's that

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West Yorkshire, England

Give the community what they want Kamiks!

Oh and No just doesn't cut it we want a reason why?

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This is, not This game doesn't even have nearly as many glitches as the original does at the moment. Why so many people (counting also those that liked the posts) all of the sudden want glitchless? Is it because so you don't feel bad when submitting your casual speedruns that you would be comparing against way faster times because you weren't bothered to learn the route and glitches?

Imagine the original game no major glitches Any%: no megajumps, no despawning, no Dodo flying, no weather skip, no duping, no 30 000 ammo of whatever weapon you desire. Sounds very fun doesn't it?

On the other hand, given how well the game is made, I doubt that no glitches run is even possible.

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Kamiks, with all due and respect, it honestly doesn't matter if a glitchless run looks boring af. Some glitchless runs are fun to watch & run as well, so, I dunno why you are so defensive right there. If some people don't wanna do the glitches in Any%, like Andy here, then why be so against this so called "Glitchless" category? Yikes. Take Mirror's Edge 1 as an example. The leaderboards for that game on SRC actually have a Glitchless category, on THE GAME LEARDERBOARD itself, not in CATEGORY EXTENSIONS, meme leaderboards or whatever else.

I may be a new runner to this game as well, with already a 1:31 in almost 2 fucking weeks of running it, in Any%, but to be honest, I feel like your argument there....against a Glitchless category is just....weird and wrong. And who the heck said that a run without glitches is impossible? You can do it whenever you feel like it.

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As Churp said, "fun" is in the eyes of the beholder - both the ones running the game and the ones watching it.

Why does it seem to be such a difficult thing to just... add a separate category for this game for in this case Glitchless runs?

Who is being hurt by adding that? If someone doesn't want to run it then they just... won't run it.

As for other games in the GTA series "historically not having Glitchless categories" - I don't see that as a reason to not start doing it now / going forward.

(I also don't like that the definitive editions were shoved into the "Remastered" sections since they're a bit more difficult to find for the people that aren't aware of this, but that's another topic entirely)

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Pomorskie, Poland

Bringing up other game communities doesn't really do much here in proving your point. Each community run their leaderboards by their own rules. If the Mirror's Edge mods see Glitchless as a fitting category (especially in a glitch heavy game like Mirror's Edge, which GTA III DE is not even close to in terms of glitchiness in runs), why should the GTA III mods do the same thing? What's the point?

And if you find Glitchless fun, just... run it? You don't need a leaderboard to run a category. No one's stopping you.

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New York City, NY, USA

I am really confused why there isn't a NMG or Glitchless category, to be honest. A glitchless or NMG run is a very thorough way to show all of the content the game has without skipping anything all while going as fast as can be done. All of these listed sound worthy of something on and what it stands for. I really hope you consider with some thought the possibility of this being a reality. Thank you for listening.


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West Yorkshire, England

Ok so first of all how dare you say that Glitchless runs are uninteresting with your "" remark, your literally insulting every glitchless runners run across this and many other platforms. Secondly i may not have been running this game very long and i am still to this day learning ways to make my run more efficient thanks to the many people from the Grand Theft Auto Community but i know for a fact that glitchless is a thing in this game and i have thus proved so with this highlighted vod i finished the game in 2 hours 26 minutes and 26 seconds not that you will even care to watch the highlight because you clearly know better.

This isn't the first game that i have ran glitchless and sat amongst the players that do glitches and it wont be my last.

Just give us what we want, you dont even have to moderate it contact your superiors and get someone who cares for the role because you clearly dont.

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No NMG or glitchless category for III DE only because you can run faster by switching weapons? Lol just don’t use that glitch then, it isn’t that gamebreaking anyway.

“who cares for the role because you don’t clearly dont”, clearly he does and that’s why he isn’t adding some random categories, which aren’t needed, atleast YET when the leaderboard is empty and no gamebreaking skips/dupes or whatsoever things are being used.

Also very stupid to compare to other games, when glitches that are being used, are completely different.

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Honestly @qoznyyy, if SA can have NMG as a category on the leaderboards, then why can't III DE have it as well? It's still a GTA game, just like SA. Besides, I haven't seen you do ANY runs of III DE so far, or any other GTA game (Oh yea, excuse me, I saw your src profile right now with only 2 runs of VCS and those runs are based on acts, but they are not special), and some people such as me, Lordmau5, Fedzor and Andy have grinded our asses to get some decent times for Any%, especially me, without learning too many strats from others, and we would probably like to run Glitchless or No Major Glitches one day (Glitchless consisting of obviously not doing any glitches at all, and NMG where you are allowed to do the weapon swap glitch, but YOU ARE NOT allowed to dupe rampages with Vigilante and eventually get 30K RPG ammo).

So, may I ask you right now...why do you give much of a fuck about this thread, if you are not even running the game?! Also, what Andy said earlier with "who cares for the role because you clearly don't", doesn't necessarily refer to the fact that Kamiks or the other mod for this game doesn't want to make a separate category called "Glitchless" or "Any% NMG" for this game, but he is also referring to the fact that we ALL are aware of the fact that we couldn't submit runs of the Definitive Edition games, only after 25th November. Guess what, GTA III DE has a bunch of runs in pending as of right now, including my 1:32 Any% (which has been submitted since 26th November and still has not been verified to this day), and no runs are on the boards now. But hey, here's the catchy part: VC:DE and SA:DE have a few runs on the leaderboards, as of right now. And speaking of the same phrase said by Andy, what he is mostly referring to, is the fact that the mods of this game have been so lazy to even call this game "Grand Theft Auto III: Remastered", and just put "Definitive" as a sub category next to the "10 Year Anniversary" category for Any%. I know that these both 10 Y.A. and Gta 3 DE are considered "remasters" by the general public, but the games are 100% not the same, speedrun-wise. I would have rather much preferred to see "Grand Theft Auto III The Definitive Edition" having it's own boards, with different people as mods who actually care about this game, and just take care of the boards themselves. Period.

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While this topic is about "Glitchless" I'd much rather suggest "No Major Glitches" like we have on the SA leaderboards.

Main reason being that sliding can be done by accident and, if we go by true glitchless rules, would invalidate the run. (Yes, it's still present in 1.03 on PC, no idea what R* / GSG messed up there)

@qoznyyy - This isn't just about switching weapons. So far duping / OM0 / instapassing doesn't seem possible but it could be further down the line (look at VC DE, that one has functional duping, and I wouldn't be surprised if it worked in a similar fashion in III, too)

Switching weapons isn't the only glitch that is present right now (although as I mentioned, that seems more like a "non-major" glitch since it can be done accidentally)

However, I saw in another run that you can apparently glitch out rampages to keep the weapon ammo - in the video I watched the runner had 30k RPG ammo. You typically don't get that without grinding, so a glitch like that shouldn't be allowed in this category.

I agree with Churp on the leaderboard / game part. These games (yes, all 3, not just III), should've been put into new games so your average Joe can find them easily as well.

A quick Google search for "gta 3 definitive edition speedruns" only brings the standard 3 and VC leaderboards.

SEO should be considered in this and the leaderboards should be split up for ease of use and access (shouldn't matter to moderators in the end since the rules could be brought over and where the "approve" or "reject" buttons would be clicked)

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@Churp What a great way to get your point across by being condescending to one of the community members, keep it up! Also, the site's own rules state that moderators may take up to 21 days to verify runs. Most human beings have more important responsibilities in their lives than just verifying multiple hour long speedruns. Be patient.

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