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with recent talks of what should/shouldn't be deleted, this has been the low-hanging fruit as to why other boards should exist.

1. Delete the leaderboard
2. Keep the leaderboard
3. I don't care strongly enough either way



I don't see a reason for it to remain, it's a race category and the objective is 'complete this arbitrary mission' - there have probably been an equal amount of Portland races, and definitely more GTASA Los Santos races, but people are strongly against having those on the boards - the only difference here is that you do a very small amount of missions you wouldn't usually do in any%.


1. In the words of the great Powdinet, "If you're going to meme, at least meme correctly".

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edit: read below, my question has an answer already
Related question: good to have a vote for this, but why was there no vote regarding deleting in game hundo? It seems to have disappeared "out of thin air". I know that we had discussions over this in the past, and most people seemed to want it removed, but there were definitely people who didn't want it gone (related link: ). Voting would have given them a chance to object to removing it before the fact


thanks! tfw cannot follow the series so no notification for me

yeah that thread has everything i wanted, thank you again