GTA3 Minor Optimizations thread
8 years ago
Friesland, Netherlands

Post your tiny shit here that doesn't really warrant it's own topic.

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Now i've been getting this fairly consistently in runs/practice lately but i don't know how consistent it actually is because i haven't done enough runs to vouch for it, but might as well just post it here.

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Tokyo, Japan

It seems to kill the AI while he's running towards you, so he keeps running straight until he makes it to the other trigger. Then the AI probably resets and he gets in.

It seems pretty cool, only problem is the faked second, but you could probably fake 1s optimally anyways. The goal is a fake 8:30, after all.

Tokyo, Japan

I tried my All Missions takeoff setup for the Airport -> Construction site flight for Any%, seems like it could be a couple of frames faster if the route at the bridge is optimized. Bad flying but you'll get the point.

Edit: it's not faster, at least not by much (better vid below)

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Tokyo, Japan

GWillickers drop for Rigged to Blow to reach the Firefighter submission optimally (if you dupe Rigged to Blow + you want FF submission to dupe something else afterwards)

This saves like 12 frames for the mission IL but I reckon it saves more with all this setup stuff with FF.

United States

Hey guys, here's an awesome landing for you to try during Marked Man. It seems a bit unconventional but out of a few hours of attempts using this strat, I only flipped my dodo once.

Coming into the airport, aim for this tree. It is just to the right of the billboards where the rampage is. Make sure you nosedive into the tree, trying to hit it nearly dead on.

As you make contact with the ground make sure to keep holding the nose down and use your handbrake. The result: A shortened flight time and great parking on the marker.

Usually the worst case scenario for me is that the dodo is not aligned at the greatest angle and Ray spends a few extra seconds running to the terminal, or I correct the alignment myself costing a few seconds. However, you should have a much easier access down the road to start the return flight to Staunton.

I did this landing for the IL board thinking it was super risky but it is quite reliable.

Strat for the rocket rampage on staunton, if you don't get spawns from the roof. This is better than hoping you don't get screwed by everyone.


Using the toilet to shorten the fade for Ray missions

It's not 100% consistent but as you can see it wastes no time to go for it and saves about a second on every Ray mission (except Silence the Sneak, where you'd need to move to set it up, which is slower, and Evidence Dash if you dupe it with Paramedic, since you'd be waiting for the Paramedic wait 3000 to end anyway, and it would give you less leeway)

could probably be useful for a gtamemes category or something

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I finally got myself into reviving this thread

Get 30k M16 before SCAM IP to shave some time off on Chaperone (5s) (reference for them to spawn is around when you hear SWAT getting out) and Cutting the Grass (1s) (equip M16 before getting in the taxi at rampage replay):

Better turn with firetruck on The Pick-Up (1-2s):

Fence-breaking route on Blow Fish, if you stop you lose 0.5s compared to the standard one (2s):

Sniping the first colombian right after getting out (1s):

Quick F3-F1 replay to delete car parts from existence which can block your rocket:

E2G snipe, if you quickly get a cheetah or infernus (8s) (make sure to skip fog and to not hit any ped): ;

Dodo Bait Dam touch (AKA Bait IL) (10s):

Backup strat when you shoot Dodo down too early on S.A.M.:

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8-Ball's dialogue skip at Luigi's place: delete replay file from GTA 3 User Files, press F3 after the safehouse cutscene before 8-Ball stops talking (~1.5s)

Flash a replay to get 30k M16 and use it on Farewell "Chunky" Lee Chong (1s):

Release Paramedic early enough to mj in between fades (1s):

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You wanna maximize chances of a taxi spawning and by mj'ing here you're not twitching the camera so by doing this you have less chances for one to spawn.

e: However if you're confident the taxi will stop on the red light there you can definitely go for this).

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Better route after the multistorey parking lot jump for All Unique Stunts (2s)


This is an old one - cancelling dying animation: play a replay whenever dying to cancel the animation and warp faster (1s) you can do it with any kind of dying animation, even with drowning, when in water play a replay as soon as your HP reaches 0 (2s). From my experience it's tighter to get it.


Change camera during the fade and then hold W and Sprint to activate the next mission faster here (1s over old holding A):

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