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How to replicate:

Start Taxi Driver during the mission "Cipriani's Chaffeur", after the Laudrette cutscene (It's a triad ambush!). Starting it before the cutscene is a regular Taxi Driver dupe, starting it during the cutscene is a crash.
If done correctly, the game will present the usual pager message for Taxi Driver completion "BIGGER! FASTER! HARDER! new Borgnine taxis open for business in Harwood. Call 555-BORGNINE today!", along with the percentage increase

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Nice find! Have you checked to see if this works with any other vehicle sub-missions, (Vigilante, Paramedic, etc.)?


Not yet. I checked Taxi Driver first because it was the easiest to do so. Vigilante has 6 seperate completions (three for 10 criminals in each island, three for 20 in each island), and Paramedic has 3 (35 and 70 patients saved, beat level 12), while Taxi Driver only has 1 (100 taxi fares)


So this means 100% will have not a single fare? Wouldn't the checklist have to be adjusted to that, since it shows the amount of fares, obviously

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Who needs the checklist anyways

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