Ideas for Full Game Categories?
5 years ago
Greater Manchester, England

If you have any ideas for new full game categories then be sure to write them down here along with a brief description about the category :)

Missouri, USA

A licenses any% category. Its where you would clear class B through S. All of the stages MUST be cleared in each class. You must get bronze or higher in each stage. Time would start when ever you select Class B and ends when ever you cross the finish line on the last stage in S class.

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United States

I'd be interested in seeing Championship mode get split into NG and NG+ (new save file vs. existing save file), and All Licenses would be cool too (as well as license ILs, though I'm not sure if this is possible to add to the IL section since the categories would be different from time trials)

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Missouri, USA

When I get the time ill talk to the bpg about a catagory split. Im sure he wouldn't mind a split on new save and existing save as people would be interested in running both catagories.

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