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Ahh, okay, last thread from me I swear....

I noticed a few things that are not fully described. This can avoid any problems to the future.

Today, I started using this:
Its a modification to the PAL version (later for all version), it restores hidden content, colours, textures, adding some upgrades to the vehicles which don't have in the base game. It also adds new prizes to the races. It's not hard to apply this mod to the game (And use it in console too), definitely can provide advantage in runs. Something like: "Additional patches and mods in game are NOT allowed." should be added in rules. Also good to mention, "Hybrid cars are NOT allowed" too. 🙂

Also, what about trading cars? Is it allowed? Because if you prepare some cars and store it in your second memory card, you can easily buy it using "Trade" option in menus (it's usually really cheap). This should be explained in rules too. 🙂

I also noticed that new license runs were added. N1nj4ofshr3d already got feedback from community about deleting them because Cyberscore have much more better runs, so it's pointless to have it here (since WRs here are much slower than Cyberscore WRs) Link is here:

Instead of IL of license runs, the misc category License Tests% sounds like good idea. TumeK5 also said something about "All Gold license tests", which sounds more crazy but why not? 🙂

And last thing, if IL will be empty, then individual "Special events" or "Endurances" can be added? Some races are limited by HP and some not so only the limited races are more interesting to see. The "free" are pointless to add because the Escudo will be the one vehicle to use (because of the power). So something like Win% for these events with prepared car and using IGT (without loads) are interesting to see or not? (Btw this meet requirements for emulators) 🙂

I want to say huge thanks to @thebook92 for his time and activity so far.


I've already done a 100% run on the modified version. Someone running it would have to burn a new disc (as you can't just patch an original CD-ROM), which a non-modified console wouldn't read, or use an emulator (which is what I did, I just didn't submit it).

Hybrids can be done with a Gameshark or equivalent though, so there needs to be a rule on that. Same with trading, it's too close to NG+ and is not allowed.

All Gold Licenses is already in the Miscellaneous section, so a standard All Licenses is just a worse version of that and thus pointless. Specials and Endurances are also miscellaneous categories. We'll leave the ILs that are already there (since, you know, they're there), but we're not going to add any new categories.


Well, you can patch the ISO file and then burn it, modded consoles are handle it. This is why I mentioned it.

When you start new game, you can just trade cars from second memory card BUT you are still in new game (Which can runners use if they're not know it's not allowed).

Yes, endurances and special events are there but as a group, not individual, I meant individual in IL boards.

About license runs, I missed they are in misc.

But one thing I dont understood: Why you want to leave license runs in ILs? Its a duplicate version of Cyberscore boards with slower times. I thought to find something unique which is not on Cyberscore, if you understand me 🙂 .

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