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After recent tests that CPZ has done showing PS1 and PS2 alongside three emulators (ePSXe, Mednafen and Xebra) on 2 different level PCs:

I decided to go look at it myself. It looked like Mednafen out of the three was the most consistent one to use.

I tried the Licenses portion of a run with Mednafen and the results didn't feel any different to on console for myself, (though it was harder here cause of the adapter I used that lacked analog sensitivity):

Timewise, it's closer to how it is on PS1 and PS3, have to look at a run via that again to see how that is. But after this, we're (myself and the other mods) feeling more confident about changing the rules on emulation and allowing it, but only with Mednafen with specific settings like frame limiter, correct FPS etc, anything that guarantees an accurate speed.

It actually didn't require any specific tweaking for myself, I only changed the scale percentage for my monitor. That was what we didn't like about ePSXe and why we held off from ever allowing emulation, that it wasn't exactly a "Plug and play" approach and still heavily relied on decent hardware (still does for myself on ePSXe, had times where it was sluggish)

What this means for the leaderboard is, it will be completely separate from the main leaderboard in its own "Emulator" category with Any%, 100% as sub categories. This means that the No License/License Prize times will have to be joint with a variable instead for them.

There was talk about whether to combine Emulator with PS1 and PS3 cause of the loading difference between them and on PS2 which is up to a few mins faster at least, so that may also be combined with the Emulator category, nothings decided on it yet.

This should hopefully clear everything that's been going on with the discussion on emulators for this. Eventually this will be done for GT1 as well when a test is done on that, but as far as GT3 and GT4 go, emulators are still banned for the foreseeable future as PS2 emulation hasn't reached a competent stage yet.

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I really appreciate how thorough you were. Clearly a ton of time spent testing and while I myself own the game I know this will make it more accessible to those who don't or don't have the equipment to capture it.

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Ehm. I don't want to bother about epsxe. But still, 2.0.5 epsxe is slowest and optimal is 1.8, w/o super enhanced graphics. Which version did u test?


In my opinion you can admit also beetle psx, core of retroarch. Beetle PSX is a port of Mednafen:

To allow Retroarch, rules to follow must be this, in my opinion:


Thanks for listening. All those years ago I suggested Mednafen as the one emulator to be allowed since it's very accurate, and I got ignored. I feel like if this decision had been enacted earlier, I would perhaps still be grinding this game. Better late than never, I suppose.

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