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I was thinking about category extensions for this game. It will be interesting to add shorter speedruns like "Sunday Cup" and so. 🙂 I requested it but sadly, im not moderator so it has been rejected. I have no problems to moderate these extensions but any moderator must request it. Can someone please? 🙂


We don't need more moderators, and "Sunday Cup" isn't a full speedrun, and there's never been interest until now, so it won't be added.


I know "Sunday Cup" isnt full-game speedrun, but its a lot shorter than full-game speedrun. Not everyone have too much time to train hours speedrun like this. For us, shortrunners, its more interesting 🙂


I personally think that if this was to be a thing, all the short runs like that should be started from 0%, otherwise you have somebody running through races with cars like the Escudo. Would just turn into who can drive that the fastest, not who has the best strategy


Seems like a very short and uninteresting run.