Gran Turismo 2 Any% PAL/USA Speedrunning

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Any% is defined in Gran Turismo 2 as getting to the credits. To do this, you need to win the Gran Turismo World Championship.

To get to the World Championship, you must win the Euro and Pacific Leagues.

To get to the Leagues, you must win the 6 National events.

To do most events, you must get Licenses.

The NTSC-J version doesn't need to do Nationals before Leagues, and Leagues before Worlds, so this guide doesn't help all the way.
But, the NTSC-J version is still legal for this run, but all the Nationals must be done before the Leagues, and the Leagues must be done before Worlds.

X/O - Confirm (Best to mash these, and it's easy to alternate than mash one)
Square/Triangle - Cancel
D-Pad - Moves
Only in map menus
L1 - Up/Left
L2 - Down/Left
R1 - Up/Right
R2 - Down/Right
License Name Entry
Start - Goes directly to OK, then you can press Confirm.
Up/Right on D-Pad is the same, but more difficult.
X - Accelerate
Square - Brake
O - Emergency Brake (Don't recommend)
Triangle - Reverse
R1 - Change View (1st person, Far, Close)
L1 - Rear View
R2 - Shift Up
L2 - Shift Down
START - Pause
D-Pad - Steering

To maneuver through the License Tests:
The cursor always starts at Start, so mash when you get past the loading screen after entering the license menu to start the first test.
¤If you want to drive in Manual Transmission, Press Right to select it, before the test. This option will stay throughout the run unless you load a file or reset the console.
The succeeding tests go as follows:
After crossing the finish line, hold 1 Confirm button and press another until the Replay starts.
Best to hold X with the left side of your thumb, then roll your thumb on O.
Or you can press START as soon as you cross the finish line and the FINISH will still be on screen and you can exit out, bypassing the Prize animation. (Very little window of frames to do this)
Press START, Down, Confirm/Start (both have the same function here) to exit the Replay.
When the NAME ENTRY appears, press START, Confirm.
Then, press Up twice, Right, Confirm three times to start the next test.
The last 2 steps can be done very fast (every frame).
Best to roll your thumb across X and O for the 3 times, unless Manual Transmission if your preference, then, it's; START, Confirm, Up, Up, Right, Confirm, Confirm, Right, Confirm. From the NAME ENTRY screen, that is.
When the last test is finished, the License will appear and when the animation is done, press Confirm, Up three times, Confirm.

Menuing here is very important, as you can input at every frame.

Everything starts at Licenses. Do B through I-A, since the only event that needs the Super License is the Event Generator.
Don't worry about trying to Gold all tests all the time. It's really difficult. But, here's what you get if you do so.
Using or selling any of the cars from this will make the run a License Prizes run, which is different from No License Prizes.
B License - Spoon S2000
A License - Dodge Concept Car
I-C License - [R] 3000GT LM Edition
I-B License - [R] del Sol LM Edition
I-A License - [R] FTO LM Edition

Events in this game, other than One-Make races, don't need a specific region's car to enter. Example, US Nationals doesn't require an American car to enter. Only Horsepower restrictions, and don't worry too much about them. Most of the time, if you get near the limit, you'll be fine, because the AI's cars aren't tuned and don't really meet the limit.

To race, you'll need a car. Other than getting Golds in all License tests, you're gonna need to buy one.
You only start with 10,000cr, so buy from East City's Used dealerships, because there isn't much of a choice.

Here are the Day 1 cars for under 10,000cr that are usable, because doing separate License tests doesn't increase days, Day 10+ isn't happening.
And, when I say, usable, I mean, it can win all the National events. With tuning, of course. And it needs to start at ~197HP.

The Used Car Cycles are different for each region, but versions are the same. (1.0 compared to 1.1/1.2)
There are cars that have differently priced parts in tiers.

Very old cars that the game doesn't think are any good ("K" cars, most 80's, etc.), have the cheapest parts (Tier 1). Ex. Racing Modification is 80,000cr.
Used cars that are below the standard 276HP are in Tier 2, where the parts are a little more pricey. Ex. Racing Modification is 82,000cr.
Used sports cars, like the NSX (JP/PAL exclusive), Supra, Skylines, etc, are in Tier 3. Most expensive parts. Ex. Racing Modification is 85,000cr.
I'm only using examples of used cars, since there aren't any good New Cars to start with that aren't terrible.

Civic 3 Door Si '93 - 9,511cr [FF, Turbo, Tier 2]
MX-5 Miata '93 - 7,696cr [FR, Turbo, Tier 1]
All Miatas of years '92/'93 have the same performance.
FTO GR '94 - 8,527cr [FF, NA, Tier 2]
Silvia Q's 2000cc '91 - 3,967cr [FR, Turbo, Tier 1]
Skyline GTS-t Type S(R32) - 4,958cr [FR, NA, Tier 2]

MX-5 Miata V sp. '90 - 5,695cr [FR, Turbo, Tier 1]
MX-5 Miata '93 - 7,349cr [FR, Turbo, Tier 1]
FTO GR '94 - 7,548 [FF, NA, Tier 2]
Silvia Q's 2000cc '91 - 4,095cr [FR, Turbo, Tier 1]
Silvia 240SX Q's (S14) '95 - 8,694cr [FR, Turbo, Tier 1]

MX-5 Miata '93 - 7,735cr [FR, Turbo, Tier 1]
FTO GR '94 - 7,671cr [FF, NA, Tier 2]
Silvia Q's 2000cc '91 - 3,971cr [FR, Turbo, Tier 1]
Skyline GTS25 Type S(R32) - 4,886cr [FR, NA, Tier 2]
Mark II Tourer S '92 - 9,341cr [FR, NA, Tier 2]

This list of good cars are small, because there are lots to choose from, but not many that are good, but feel free to test.

For the majority of the cars listed you can tune them a bit before heading out to Nationals.
Here are the realistic tuning options you can choose from and Tier 1/2 prices, since 3 doesn't appear for under 10,000cr.

Stage 3 Muffler Tier 1 - 4,500cr
Tier 2 - 4,800cr

Stage 1 Turbo¤ Tier 1 - 4,000cr
Tier 2 - 4,500cr

Stage 2 Turbo¤ Tier 1 - 12,500cr
Only Turbocharged cars Tier 2 - 13,500cr

Computer Chip Tier 1 - 1,000cr
Tier 2 - 1,500cr

Engine Balancing Tier 1 - 10,000cr
Tier 2 - 13,500cr

Port & Polish Tier 1 - 5,000cr
Tier 2 - 5,500cr

Displacement Increase¤ Tier 2 - 8,000cr
Only Civics and Skylines can use this

Stage 1 NA¤ Tier 1 - 4,000cr
Tier 2 - 4,500cr

Stage 2 NA¤ Tier 1 - 11,500cr
Only non-Turbocharged Tier 2 - 12,500cr

Stage 3 Flywheel Tier 1 - 900cr
Tier 2 - 1,000cr

Stage 3 Clutch Tier 1 - 4,500cr
Tier 2 - 4,800cr

Carbon Driveshaft¤ Tier 1 - 2,500cr
Only FR, and 4WD Tier 2 - 3,000cr

Racing Hard Tier 1 - 10,000cr
Tier 2 - 10,500cr

Racing Medium Tier 1 - 12,000cr
Tier 2 - 12,500cr

Racing Soft Tier 1 - 14,500cr
Tier 2 - 15,000cr

Racing Super Soft Tier 1 - 17,000cr
Tier 2 - 17,500cr
Weight Reductions
Must be bought in order
Stage 1 Weight Tier 1 - 1,000cr
Tier 2 - 1,200cr

Stage 2 Weight Tier 1 - 5,000cr
Tier 2 - 5,500cr

Stage 3 Weight Tier 1 - 20,000cr
Tier 2 - 22,500cr

Racing Brakes Tier 1 - 4,500cr
Tier 2 - 4,800cr

It helps to do some math and map out when it's best to buy which part(s) when.
And, looking thorugh the parts menu and learning where the cursor will land through menuing is helpful as well.

Once you've got a car you're confident with, off to the races.

Nationals (2 Laps each)
Japan - Midfield Raceway U.S. - Laguna Seca
~197hp / 4,000cr ~246hp / 4,000cr
~295hp / 5,000cr ~295hp / 5,000cr
~345hp / 7,000cr ~394hp / 7,000cr

French - Tahiti Road U.K. - Trial Mountain
~246hp / 4,000cr ~197hp / 4,000cr
~295hp / 5,000cr ~345hp / 5,000cr
~394hp / 7,000cr

Italy - Rome Short Germany - Deep Forest
~197hp / 4,000cr ~216hp / 4,000cr
- Rome Circuit ~295hp / 5,000cr
~295hp / 5,000cr ~443hp / 7,000cr

Total credits awarded: [82,000cr]
For Nationals, no prize cars are awarded.
It's best to do sections at a time, then tune to get the most out of each event. Being closer to each restriction is helpful.

Once those are finished, off to the Leagues.
You should test the car you want to use in the Seattle Circuit event in the Pacific League before attempting a run.
That nets you an RX-7 LM Edition which can be used for the Euro League, since it's the only car that is won with under 591hp without going out of the way.
Doing another event to earn a Touring Car wastes time and isn't optimal. If you want to, you can do if you wish.
Here are the best events for this option:

Convertible Car World 3 - Trial Mountain (2 Laps)¤Very Difficult¤
~591hp / 15,000cr / [R]Concept Car LM Edition (Under 542hp)

Grand Touring Car Trophy 1 - Red Rock Valley Speedway (3 Laps)
~394hp / 10,000cr / [R]Daisin Silvia GT '99 (Under 443hp)

'80's Sports Car Cup 3 - Tahiti Road (3 Laps)
~394hp / 10,000cr / [R]Skyline Silhouette Formula R30 (Has over ~542hp, but can be used for Euro Leagues)

Leagues (3 Laps each)
Euro League
Apricot Hill Raceway
~591hp / 10,000cr / [R] Castol Supra GT '96
Grand Valley Speedway
~591hp / 10,000cr / [R] Zexel Skyline GT '97
Rome Circuit
~591hp / 10,000cr / [R] Kure R33 GT '97

Pacific League
Midfield Raceway
~542hp / 10,000cr / [R] Nissan 300ZX GT '97
Seattle Circuit
~542hp / 10,000cr / [R] Mazda RX-7 LM Edition
Laguna Seca
~542hp / 10,000cr / [R] Drag 180SX

All the cars here can be sold for 250,000cr each.

Pacific League
If you didn't go out of the way to get a car that's under 542hp, you can buy a cheap Touring Car for 500,000cr to do the last 2 Pacific events.
Here are the best choices:
East City
Mitsubishi Taeivon Trampio FTO '99
Mazda RE Amemiya Racing Matsumoto-Kiyoshi RX-7 '99
Cusci Subaru Impreza '99

I didn't list any Rally cars, because they are much slower.

After you finish the Leagues, Worlds are just ahead.
You'll need a much faster car for this event, so sell everything and grab something worth 1,000,000cr.
Here are some options:
Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car '98 w/Stage 4 Turbo
Toyota GT-ONE Road Car '98 w/Stage 4 Turbo
Jaguar XJ220GT Race Car w/Stage 4 Turbo

The reason I only list Road Cars that can take Turbo, is that they are much faster than any Touring/Race Car. They come equipped with all Tires, great transmissions, and suspension like any other Race Car, but can be tuned with Turbo.

World Championship (5 Laps each)¤No hp restriction¤
Championship bonus: 150,000cr, and random selection of:
[R] Mugen NSX GT ’99
[R] R390 GT1 LM Race Car ’98
[R] Calsonic GT-R GT ’99
[R] GT-ONE Race Car ’98

1st place: 25,000cr
Race 1 - Trial Mountain
Race 2 - Laguna Seca
Race 3 - Apricot Hill Raceway
Race 4 - Rome Circuit
Race 5 - Midfield Raceway

And, it's over. The credits aren't on the Simulation Mode Disc. To see them, save the finished data and put in the Arcade Disc, and they'll be there.

Good Luck

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