GT2 100% route

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This is a route to get you started with the category and to help you if you get lost. This is probably not the absolute fastest route, as the category is so long as to be very unoptimized, so feel free to deviate where you deem appropriate. This document will be edited whenever I make non-minor route changes (i.e. using a different car for a certain event).

Here's what you need to know before you get started:
Dig out your old PS2. Emulators aren't allowed.
Both NTSC and PAL versions are accepted.
The completion screen should show 235 wins (or more if you have to farm credits) and 98.2%/100.0% completion at the end.
You can pause the timer by exiting to the main menu and saving (the timer pauses when you see "save complete" and restarts as soon as you choose the memory card to load from). Keep in mind, though, that runs have a seven-day time limit from the minute you start the run, and you can't re-enter the game in between saves and loads.

Obtain licenses. B through S, since you need to run the Event Generator.
Go to Toyota, buy the cheapest used Supra you can (I pick the red one), then add a Stage 1 turbo and Weight Reduction.
Run '80s 5 (394 HP race at Tahiti Road), giving you the R30 Skyline Silhouette Formula. Switch to this car.
Run Convertible Car World Cup 3, then switch to the Concept Car LM.
Run the 591 HP events, listed here:
Apricot Hill 200k
Don't forget to switch to supersoft tires, as there is no difference in tire wear between compounds, and change the setup.
Check your prize car here. If it's the Viper GTS-R, kill the run. The fastest way through the lower-HP events is the Stratos.
Grand Valley 300k
Seattle 100 Miles
MR Cup 3
Luxury Car Cup 3
Convertible Car World Cup 3
GT Car Trophy 3
Pure Sports Trophy 3
Tuned NA No. 1 Cup
GT300 Championship
Sell everything except the Stratos and Concept Car LM, then buy the Escudo.
Run the free-HP events, listed here:
Sunday Cup 1-3
Don't forget to switch to supersoft tires and set the car up to your liking.
Clubman Cup 1-3
Muscle Car Cup 1-3
Tuned Turbo No. 1 Cup 1-3
GT All Stars 1-5
GT500 Championship
Event Generator Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert
All of the Rally races
Before you begin the next event, switch back to supersoft tires.
Laguna Seca 200 miles
Rome 2 Hours (more like Rome 1:45)
SSR5 All-Night
Go to Mazda, buy a Demio LX G-Package, tune up to 98 horsepower, add Weight Reduction 1-3 (but do not RM, we need this car for later)
Run Kei Car Cup races 2 and 3
Further tune Demio to 147 HP
Run Kei Car Cup 1
Switch to Stratos, then go to Lancia and add the following parts:
Weight Reduction 3, then RM
Racing Transmission
Supersoft tires
Racing suspension
Run the 197 HP events, listed here:
Japanese Nationals 1
Italian Nationals 1
UK Nationals 1
German Nationals 1
80's Sports Car Cup 1
Add Stage 1 Turbo to Stratos, then run the 246 HP events, listed here:
French Nationals 1
American Nationals 1
Compact Car Cup 1, 2
Convertible Cup 1
Historic Car Cup 1
Add Stage 3 Turbo to Stratos, then run the 295 HP events, listed here:
Japanese Nationals 2
French Nationals 2
Italian Nationals 2
American Nationals 2
German Nationals 2
Compact Car Cup 3
Historic Car Cup 2
This is the infamous race with the illegal GT40, so pray to the RNG gods that it doesn't show up.
Trial Mountain 30 Laps
Add all other power mods EXCEPT engine balancing to Stratos, then run the 345 HP events, listed here:
Japanese Nationals 3
UK Nationals 2
Mid-Engined Cup 1
Convertible Car Cup 2
80's Sports Car Cup 2, 3
Add engine balancing to Stratos, then run the 394 HP events, listed here:
Japanese Nationals 3
American Nationals 3
UK Nationals 3
Luxury Car Cup 1
Historic Car Cup 3
Wagon Cup 1-3
80's Sports Car Cup 4
GT Car Cup 1
Pure Sports Car Cup 1
Get into Daishin Siliva, run 443 HP events, listed here:
German Nationals 3
FR Cup 2, 3
Pure Sports Car Cup 2
Get into GT40 Race Car and run the 493 HP events, listed here:
Luxury Sedan Cup 2
GT Cup 2
Super Touring Cup 1-5
Get into Concept Car LM, then run the Euro and Pacific League events.
Clean up the following races with any prize cars you've won:
FF 1 (295 HP), 2 (345 HP) , 3 (394 HP)
FR 1 (use a Nismo 270R)
4WD 1 (345 HP), 2 (394 HP), 3 (690 HP)
Run East City manufacturer events
Note: Don't be afraid to reset if you get a long track. Resetting only costs 12 seconds.
Also, don't be afraid to tune. Most of my cars get a Stage 2 turbo, supersoft tires, and Stage 3 Weight Reduction if I have to RM it later anyway.
RX-7 (Normal, use the RX-7 GT-C that's in your garage)
Miata (Normal, Racing)
Demio (Normal, Racing, use the LX-G Package that you bought for the Kei car cup)
AZ-1 (Normal, look in the used section. If one's not there, come back in ten game days.)
Tommy Kaira
ZZ-S (Normal, Racing)
Midget (Normal)
Mira (Normal, Racing)
Storia (Normal, Racing)
Alto (Normal, Racing)
Cappucino (Normal, Racing)
SVX (Normal, Racing, look in the used section. If one's not there, come back in ten game days.)
Impreza (Normal, use the WRX wagon that's in your garage)
NSX (Normal, NTSC runners need to buy one from Acura)
Civic (Normal, Racing. Use Spoon Civic Type-R for this and Type-R race, but you can't RM it)
Beat (Normal, use Mugen Beat in garage)
Type R (Normal, can use the Spoon Civic Type-R for this and Civic)
S2000 (Normal, Racing. S2000 GT1 is a possibility, but it's 1,000,000 credits)
180SX (Normal (cannot use Nismo 270R), Racing (use Daisin Silvia)
Pulsar (Normal)
R34 (Normal, cannot use Mine's R34)
March (Normal, Racing)
GT-R (Normal, Racing, use Mine's for normal and a JGTC version (you should have a selection) for racing)
Mirage (Normal, Racing)
Evo (Normal, cannot use Mine's)
Celica (Normal (use XYR), Racing (use WedsSport or Celica Rally Car if you have it))
Starlet (Normal)
MR-S (Normal, the MR-S concept in your garage doesn't count)
Altezza (Normal, Racing (use the Altezza LM prize car if you won it)
Vitz (Normal, Racing, use the Vitz F in your garage)
Run South City manufacturer events
Viper (Normal, Racing)
Neon (Normal, Racing)
Ka (Normal, Racing)
Focus (Normal)
Corvette (Normal, Racing)
Go to garage, sell every single car except the Escudo and Tuscan Speed 6
Run North City manufacturer events
TT (Normal, Racing. You can use the TT LM, but it's not recommended due to cost)
Tigra (Normal, Racing. Recommended to use Tigra Ice Race Car)
Golf (Normal, Racing)
Beetle (No rmal, Racing. Recommended to use New Beetle GT)
Mini and MG
Mini (Normal, Racing. Recommended to use Mk1 1275 race car)
MGF (Normal, Racing)
3 Series (Normal, recommended to use 328i)
SLK230 (Normal, Racing)
Aston Martin
DB-7 (Normal, Racing)
Tuscan Speed 6 (Normal, Racing. It's in your garage. Go ahead and sell everything else but the Escudo while you're here.)
Elise (Normal, Racing. Recommended using Elise GT1 for Normal, then RM and use it for Racing)
Elan (Normal, Racing. Buy an old Elan, new ones can't be RM)
Run West City manufacturer events
Alfa Romeo
155/156 (Normal, Racing. You can use the 155 TC, but it's not recommended due to cost.)
Saxo (Normal, Racing)
Clio (Normal, Racing. MUST use Clio V6)
500 (Normal, Racing. Recommended using new version.)
106 (Normal, Racing)
Delta (Normal, Racing, use the S4)
Go to garage, get into Escudo
Run GT World Championship
Go to completion screen; timer ends as soon as screen pops up showing 100.0% completion

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