Any% PAL/USA (No License Prizes) Route - January 2017

By n1nj4ofshr3dn1nj4ofshr3d Last updated

Do Licenses.

Buy Mazda Miata '93 (Used for all regions)

Do Nationals; JP 1, UK 1, IT 1, GR 1.

Buy Turbo 2, Flywheel 3, and Driveshaft.

Do Nationals; US 1-2, FR 1-2, and 2 of the following; JP 2, IT 2, GR 2.
Test the previous 3 Nationals to see what's faster to save for after buying parts.

Buy Muffler 3, Chip, Brakes, Clutch 3, Racing Soft Tires.

Finish Nationals, and do Pacific Seattle (It's difficult).

Get in RX-7 LM Race Car. Go into Settings at the first race
Equip: Super Soft Tires
Spring Rate: Highest
Ride Height: Lowest
Camber: Lowest
Downforce: Highest

Do all of Euro League.

Sell the 4 race cars, and buy Subaru Cusco Impreza. Repeat the Settings above for the Impreza.

Finish Pacific League.

Sell the 2 bottom race cars to get to 1,000,000cr.
Buy Toyota GT-ONE Road Car and Turbo 4.

Do World League. Equip Super Soft Tires.


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