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Hey everyone!

I just remembered how much fun I had playing that game in the past and considered running it.

Just to get that right: If I have a WR-run but only on emulator, I'm not allowed to submit that, right? Because I have the GBA cartridge but no GBA to run it on. Would have to look for one first and then try to figure out how to capture it.



Yes exactly. It's fine to run the game for fun on emulator but we won't accept top times on emulator anymore as it runs considerably faster than console.


Oh okay, I get that. But how about playing it on Game Boy Player on Gamecube? Is that viable?


Gameboy Player is one of the main ways to play and record this on official hardware yes so go for it 🙂 Most of the current runners either play on Gameboy Player, Wii U Virtual console or Nintendo DS

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