Everything you need to know about setting up an emulator for Golden Sun (external link)
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(direct download)
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The flags that are highlighted must have these values at the end of a Golden Sun Any% run in order to be valid. (external link)
Last Updated: (external link)
Golden Sun Universe
This is the best general purpose resource for GS information. (external link)
All purpose utility scripts for GS1. (direct download)
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Likely to find the most up to date stuff here. (external link)
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Notes for Any% No S&Q (direct download)
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A battery file for every reset. These won't be accurate at soft reset points, but are positioned around the game frequently enough that if there's something you want to practice you can. (direct download)
Includes ACE naming and valid flag distribution. (direct download)
A patch to remove text from cutscenes in Golden Sun. The cutscene animations will still play out and the Yes/No boxes will also require user input to clear. Rename the file to .ips upon downloading, then use an ips patcher to patch a legally acquired ROM in order to use. (direct download)
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