Grid Runners - All Changes to Game Rules and Settings
4 years ago
Fife, Scotland

This thread will contain every ruling change as of 14th July 2020

Fife, Scotland

14th July 2020

Removed 10+ Player Category

Fife, Scotland

20th July 2020


Note All required time adjustments will be done over the course of the next 48 hours. Until such adjustments have been completed, All new runs during this time won't be instantly verified. I apologise for any inconvenience occurred.


  • All Categories will be sorted by Real-Time. Timing Rules can be found below or in their respective categories

Iron Course, Gold Course, Emerald Course, Diamond Course

  • Real-Time will be manually recorded by the runner or by the moderator verifying the run if not submitted.
  • No on-screen timer is required but is completely fine to have on your submission
  • In-Game timer rules will remain the same

All Courses Category Timing has had a major change have been made to All Courses

  • Real-Time will be the time taken from the beginning of Iron Course to the end of Diamond Course including the time taken to start the next course
  • In-Game time will remain the same

With Exploits Variable/Category

  • Timing will remain the same on this Variable/Category until an alternative solution has been devised. This will likely involve the addition of a completely new Main Category. If you have any ideas or questions in regards to this, contact me via SRC DM or Discord.

NEW Category After all these timing changes, I have added a miscellaneous Category called "All Secret Costumes". This is as simple as finding all the secret costumes in the map lobby.

Rulings are as follows:

  • Video evidence of a whole course run must be provided
  • Hacks are strictly prohibited
  • Proof of a fresh world being made must be shown


  • Real-Time is the manually recorded time

  • Timing Begins: When you click the button at the start of the fresh map

  • Timing Ends: When the text in chat say you unlocked your 3rd Secret Costume

This new category may result in being a NO EXPLOITS category. This is not confirmed currently and another post will be made at a later date in regards to this. I also recommend never trying it with more than 3 players as there are only 3 costumes to collect This was added at the request of several runners in private calls

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Fife, Scotland

20th July 2020

Reverted all changes from the previous post and changed the timing rules for All Secret Costumes

Fife, Scotland

24th July 2020

Changes to timing rules

  • All current runs will be updated accordingly
  • IRL times now server as a tie breaker value and have their own unique rules
  • All rules changes can be found in the appropriate categories

All Catefories will be updated over the next 48 hours due to the vast number of runs needing retimed

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