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The game has been out for long enough and there have been enough runs that it has become clear that using a SSD gives a huge advantage because of the massive amout of portal travelling and checkpoint restarts (both things are dependent on loads). I know this has been talked about but I wanted to formally propose that we have separate categories for ssd and hdd. Thank You.

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Sou a favor desta mudança, também acho muito injusto o uso de SSD, não tem nem o que discutir sobre como isso abre uma vantagem absurda sobre quem não utiliza.


Concordo. Nem todo mundo tem SSD, para aqueles que tem, eles ganham uma vantagem grande daqueles que não tem.


Agree. Not everyone has SSD, for those who have, they get a huge advantage of those who haven't.


It’s quite obvious that having an ssd gives you a huge advantage over those who does not have an ssd, and it also doesn’t make sense why did it take so long for someone to talk about this?

In my opinion the leaderboard should be separated in 4 different ways.


Since there is a huge advantage for the PS4 Pro runners (because they can play the game with a unlocked frame rate, giving them a certain advantage over the FAT/SLIM runners.)

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We are looking into this. It is likely that the categories will be split (SSD vs HDD). We have started checking all the existing runs to categorize them appropriately.


Estamos vendo isso. É provável que as categorias serão separadas (SSD vs HDD). Nós começamos a verificar todas as runs existentes para colocá-las na categoria apropriada.

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It's all done. All the categories are now divided into SSD and HDD. I checked all existing runs to categorize them, but I don't guarantee there are no mistakes. If someone spots any inconsistency, please let us know.


Está pronto. Todas as categorias estão agora divididas entre SSD e HDD. Eu verifiquei todas as runs existem para categorizá-las, mas não posso garantir que não houve erros. Se alguém perceber uma inconsistência, por favor avise.

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