New god of war glitch I found today
1 year ago

for this glitch, all you need to do is to press L1 and X, then when you are in the air (keep blocking) you do the L1 + O movement, but instead of keeping the O button pressed you tap it multiple times, then it will skip the whole animation and do the movement as if it was fully charged. it can save a little bit of time.


I don't wanna ruin your glitch Man... but it's already a technique, mostly used on Challenge of the Gods speedruns :(

No quiero desilusionarte capo, pero de hecho es una técnica, mayormente utilizada en Speedruns de Desafío de los Dioses :(

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I dont know if I understand exactly what this glitch is, but I dont think Traj used it in his Challenge of the Gods world record. A video would be helpful. This could be very useful on Challenge 8.


He did, you can check it on his Challenge 2


I tried it and it works perfectly and its really easy! That's useful, good job

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