Run is missing on the board?
4 years ago

Hey, curious what's going on, as a run is missing or not categorized properly. It's somewhere in the top 10 as Kat and I have recently set quite a few PBs and snuck under (or so we thought) top 10 in co-op. xD

If you check the leader board itself, it says we're in 9th place.

If you check our profile though, it says we're 10th.

Other people are also wrong: (8th on board, shows 9th).

People before like Titanish and 5th are working properly, and people lower on the leader boards also work properly.

I am curious in who has a hidden run here. xD Someone is not displaying properly because likely (I assume from other boards I moderate on) variables were probably updated at some point on these boards and no one adjusted that one run manually, so it doesn't display on the board itself, but it still counts in terms of rank.

Or anyone else know what's going on or missing?

I did ask Bbforky, too.

Colorado, USA

My best guess is that it's something related to this run not having both time columns filled out -

Evidenced by the fact that Narti has 6th and 7th on the boards while having 6th and 8th on his/her profile. Doesn't help that there aren't any other obsoleted runs with this anomaly. 2player leaderboard calculations are typically fine, but it gets tricky when the same runner takes multiple spots on a board, even when it comes to variables your times can be miscalculated on your profile.

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Neat. Thanks for that observation!

Should be easy for mods to check as if you fill in a filler time to test and everyone's rank adjusts, you'd easily have your answer of whether or not that column matters.

I've never seen 2P co-op runs displace like this on a board before. Two I mod, TMNT2 (NES) and Wild Guns (SNES) have co-op runs, but they've always displayed properly, even with a runner claiming multiple spots with different partners. I think you're right at the column does matter because in Wild Guns / TMNT2 there's just one column. Same on Contra (NES) and Chip & Dale (NES) for co-op as there's multiple runners there with multiple partners and times display properly there, too.

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The 7th place is listed by an obsolete run by jymotion and keanusleeves, so the board identifies it as obsolete but not the profile page, maybe because keanusleeves's account is not linked to the run itself.

So everyone from 7th and below are 1 down on profile page.

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Hmm, how are you seeing it's obsolete?

Generally (at least on the boards I modded) runs only obsolete themselves if someone runs the game together with the same person but obviously has multiple times. There's a flag setup that if you have say for example:

jymotion & keanusleeves (18:17) jymotion & keanusleeves (20:02)

That it can show both runs and take up multiple ranks.

TMNT2 had that problem before I hid it with the same players, but multiple times.

But I don't see "keanusleeves" come up again. So what did you mean? :)

Maybe I misunderstood something.

[Edit]: I think his profile not being linked shouldn't matter because there's two others on co-op: "Timbel" and "Rotoshu" that don't have linked SRC accounts and below them everyone else is still +1 and not +2/+3 respectively.

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You can see in jymotion's profile page, 4th place and 7th with the same partner and submited by the same player, specifically the 18:47 run appears as not obsolete on his profile, but if you remove the obsolete filter on co-op board you can see indeed as obsolete.

No other runner without an account linked has more than 1 run, and even so, jymotion & keanusleeves have several runs submited but only the 18:47 run shows as not obsolete.

Why did it happened? I don't know

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Yeah, I see now. Thanks for explaining that.

Maybe he submitted the name wrong or something at first and it was readjusted after?

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