Potential Update on Categories and Rules
5 years ago
Bavaria, Germany

Hi everyone, Lofty here.

#Category Update

As this games gets more and more traction I would like to propose a little update on the categories. I think it just looks more clear, especially for newcomers. Something like this:

##Grasslands Classic Hard ##Winterland Classic Hard ##Mines Classic Hard ##Graveyard Classic Hard ##Pirates Cove Classic Hard ##All Maps Classic Hard ##Co-Op Grasslands Winterland Mines Graveyard Pirates Cove All Maps All Maps Hard

I don't see a problem for overlapping ruleset as its mostly the same for all runs, expect "play in hard mode" and "play as 2 players"

#Small Rule Update

Potential Small Rule too add:

" Alternative Shooting (controller) is prohibited. "

Personally I think the runs are way more fun this way. Currently no one used this, but its actually an huge advantage. We could simply make a new category if someone still wants to use this, which wouldn't be hard and fit nicely into the format above. It would still be really interesting since there are a lot more risky strats to go for. (save the frames)

I would love to hear your feedback on this. ##~ Cheers, Lofty

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Bavaria, Germany

Ok, I updated the theme, categories and rules. Let me know if anything is wrong or you have any ideas for improvements. ~ Lofty

Pomorskie, Poland

Maybe add new category with the most popular maps from workshop?

Bavaria, Germany

I like the idea. :) The problem I see with this however is that workshop maps are inofficial and might change alot. Might be hard to track all the changes... Also who decides which maps out of the 5000 are worthy?

Kansas, USA


I have been away for quite awhile but I just wanted to say that the organization of the categories now is so beautiful. Seriously great work!

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Bavaria, Germany

Hi, I just wanted to let you know, I added some rules about submission of the run. These changes are not new, I just wanted to clearly write them down in the rules.

North Dakota, USA

Potential Small Rule too add: " Alternative Shooting (controller) is prohibited. "

Just curious - is changing DPI on your mouse on certain holes considered alternative enough to disqualify or is that okay?

Bavaria, Germany

In my opinion chaning the dpi of the mouse is ok. Currently there is no rule against it.

"Alternative Shooting" is referring to the in-game setting where you dont have to swing the mouse, but instead point and click the power of the shot.

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