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i know this sounds stupied because it is but i just wanna see this tried out in goldeneye i call it failed! percent you try to go to the end of the level or levels as fast as you can no objectives unless needed, just point A to point B i just wanna see this tried out.

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this is an interesting idea, although unless the vast majority of the community demands or shows interest to said category it won’t be added

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How would this work on levels that can end in multiple locations? For example, if you blow up the console in the first room of Control: Nat will scold you, B will fail, and if you follow Nat back to the elevator you started in, the level ends.

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i did not know about that but just tested it out pretty cool. anyways i would say in whatever way the level fades out not including death. so your example would be the fastest route.

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Yeah, that first room of Control has some interesting quirks. If you do that same thing, but kill Nat before entering the elevator, then you’re stuck instead of the level ending.

Is it mandatory for an objective to fail in failed%? If so, then I guess Dam Agent is out of the question as is Egyptian.

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no its not mandatory but but it might be slower if you do

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Got it. In that case, it sounds like these levels would play the same as their regular speedruns:

  • Dam Agent
  • Runway Agent
  • Streets Agent
  • Depot Agent
  • Caverns Agent
  • Egyptian (All difficulties)
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i got sad news for anybody reading this im mainly a pd xbla speedrunner now its just easier and not as strict as goldeneye im still gonna be speedrunning goldeneye once i get my n64 controller tmr


i feel like this would be quite cool honestly

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ay we got 3 people on board thats enoguh lollllllo

man wheres the failed% at lolllll

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