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First thanks Jesse for being an awesome moderator.I have been working on several runs for this game including a coop run.

1. I would like a coop category. I am not sure if you want to add a category for each combination or not.

2. I would personally like the category for the PC version to be separate. Being able to use a proper controller instead of a genesis one is a huge advantage.

These are just my thoughts and I am open to discussing them.

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Personally, I support the idea of a Coop category as long as it's not going to end up empty forever (but as you're preparing a run, this should not be a problem, of course). Different character combinations could be treated as variables on the leaderboard, but should not be separate categories in my opinion, as that would probably overcomplicate the leaderboard.

Regarding your second suggestion: Owning an actual Genesis system myself, I do understand your point. Yet again, for the sake of the simplicity of the leaderboard, we should keep things as they are right now in my opinion. Other Genesis games' leaderboards (Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage,...) do not differentiate between original, PC versions and emulators as well.

These are just my thoughts on the topic, in the end it's up to the mod/s to decide.


Yeah I have seen many games not separated. I realize it is done for simplicity it just does not seem very accurate to me comparing the games against other systems for timing purposes. It is really not that big of a deal and I am not trying to make waves I am just glad you realize how vastly different playing on the PC/Emulator is compared to a genesis. If a coop category is added I will be uploading a run very soon.


Very exited about a co-op category, can't wait to see your run. I also agree with your thoughts on PC version being easier, I could not play as well with a megadrive controller. I personally do not consider my runs to be in competition with runs on original hardware. But having said that, I'm a relative newcomer to this site and if there is a president with other games to keep megadrive and other platforms in one category then I'm happy with that, you can always use the filters on the leaderboard 🙂


I guess overall it doesn't matter that much. I just do not understand peoples reason of "making the board too complex". I think there are enough runners for this game where multiple categories are viable. As soon as Jesse responds and makes the category I will work on uploading a run. We still have about twenty seconds to trim before I would feel good about posting it though.


I think we are officially done trying to improve the CoOp run. Is the run I have perfect? No it is not. It is however the product of eight months of attempts and nearly 2500 rerecords. The randomness in two player is just insane. I feel so sorry for anyone who attempts to beat our run. Be prepared for a lot of pain and suffering. We are just so burned out on this game and I just can't take it anymore. We are gonna move on to a different game for now and let other people try and match it before coming back to it.


Been looking forwards to seeing your run since you first posted. I can only imagine how hard it must be getting consistent positioning with two players.