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Hi all,

I completed a run for Golden Axe on the Amiga.
So after Sega CD got added to the Leaderboard I was wondering if this is also possible for the Amiga verison as well?
In general if the version differs to much I had to request the game again at src, not sure if this is also the case here.
You can check out my run here:

If this is for some reason no option, I am fine with that of course.
Cheers and Thanks


I guess this version differs a lot from Sega CD/Genesis version, and looks more like the Arcade version. I think the right decision to do is creating a src just for this version of the game.

Nonetheless, GG for the run!


Yeah I was assuming that this will be the case, but before requesting it I was just to get sure and ask you guys.

Thanks 🙂


Sorry for the slow reply. I think the Amiga version is probably best having it's own game on The Sega CD port is almost identical to the Genesis/Megadrive version which (I think) is the reason it is on the leaderboards here. It was added before I became a moderator. The Amiga version looks like it is closer to the Arcade version, based on the movement/attacks and it is missing the last 2 stages present on the megadrive/genesis.

GG on the run, love the music on the Amiga version.

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thanks garland 🙂
Yeah the music is really great.

So would you recommend to request this version as Golden Axe (Arcade) to not get confused with this leaderboard?
It would still belong to this series right?



I think you should request as an Amiga game, since there's quite some differences between the Amiga port and the Arcade version.

Still it belongs to the Golden Axe series


I agree with Shimegabriel, I would request a new game but keep it in the Golden Axe series.



I did yesterday and it was rejected:
"Please contact the Golden Axe series Moderator about this request as they can add the game manually"
So I contacted JesseLee to add the game.

Thanks for your support guys 🙂


i wasnt aware that you contacted me. if you did through twitch, that is probably why i didnt know because i dont use twitch anymore. but i will respond here. i can add an amiga version, however, i need a super moderator for it because i am not familiar with this version at all and do not feel comfortable moderating the game. i am out of town right now. but once i get home and am not busy i will look into this.


Hi Jesse,

thanks for the answer. First I was trying to contact you via Discord, but I was not able for whatever reason to find you there and before spaming one of your YT vids I thought Twitch would be better. Anyway it works somehow to get your attention 🙂

If you like you can of course add me as Super Mod, I am also the mod of different other games/series on src so nothing new to me. Also there is the User Eino here on src he is an expert on Golden Axe maybe as additional option for you.

Cheers MilkToast