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Hi I have finally beat this by not losing a continue and I was thinking of trying to speed run it. But here is my problem..

When I do the high jump attack they always move out of the way right on time.. can anyone help me out with this 🙂


Depending on what move you are doing the enemies will respond in a specific way. I urge you to watch some of the other speed runs to see exactly when and how they do a down stab move. The game is very intricate on how these are performed. Even a slight variation can cause you to miss.


Almost all enemies will move down when you attempt to "down stab" them. Your options to get around this all require some precise positioning and timing, they are:-
-Attack as the enemy enters the screen (some enemies follow the same path every time to enter the screen, and whilst doing so cannot dodge)
-Attack when an unmounted animal is on screen, (non-giant) enemies always attempt to mount it and won't dodge whilst doing so
-Attack at the bottom of the screen, enemies won't be able to dodge down (but sometimes move up as part of their "surround" AI)
-Attack when the enemy is standing up. Enemies all stand up with different speeds so you need to learn each to be able to time this correctly
-Attack as the enemy is attacking. You can lure an enemy to charge you if you are far enough away, during this attack they cannot dodge. If timed correctly you can also land a down stab when an enemy is performing a normal swing attack.
-Attack from a very specific distance. With a lot of practise, most (but not all) enemies can be down stabbed if you start your jump at the furthest possible distance. This is easiest on skeletons for some reason.

As EightbitSteve suggested, it's worth watching some runs from the leader board to see how these methods are used.


thanks guys I will look at some runs and see if I can learn this more 🙂

thanks for the fast reply 😃