My idea for a new runs category
2 months ago

WinStreak - The winning streak is of a certain complexity, you need to put as many wins as possible, it sounds difficult, because sometimes Google minesweeper likes to give bombs that will blow you up with a 50/50 chance.

Easy Streak - It's a controversial category, because it's very easy to win, but why not XD Meduim Streak - It's a good choice for this, it doesn't often give you a 50/50 chance to lose and it's not too easy Hadr Streak - It seemed very difficult for me, but it will be interesting to see people who play very well in this category and set crazy records :)

My runs:

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Hi, mod here

Idea is interesting, but a bit flawed, in the sense that Google Minesweeper is supposed to be NG (No Guess), but its no guessing algorithm is not perfect.

That means that every board is supposed to be solvable without 50/50 or guesses, but a few of them are, meaning someone with just a little bit of luck could get a virtually endless winstreak, which has limited interest in my opinion


This idea can be changed, only a rough version of the idea, but the hard difficulty fits this idea well, quite often the last choice of the game gives me a 50/50 chance + it must be borne in mind that a person will make mistakes when trying to do everything quickly :x


I think if anything, a category where you need to beat a certain number of boards in the minimum time possible (like endurance in wom) could be interesting. I would prefer if something like nf was added first though, but all ideas are welcome


True this is a great idea but I really good one would be no flag finally coming

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Web runs done on devices that google recognises as phones (the ones with vertical layout) have been moved over to the mobile category, as there is no discernable difference between the two.

So basically:

Vertical Layout is MOBILE (either website or the app) and must be played with touchscr

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