Report Cheated Runs
3 years ago

If you have any proof someone has cheated or stolen their run, make sure to report it here or contact moderators about it. Thanks in advance.

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Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Ye i got stolen,the guy who took it is MLZINBR and you can see that the video that he send it is from an yt account named Lindem 100conteudo and thats my account,the email from that account is the same that im using in this site,and i can prove it but yall need to help me


I don't know why you are posting a subway surfers related thing to google minesweeper but I guess I'm a mod there as well so I fixed the issue lmao thanks for reporting!

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Web runs done on devices that google recognises as phones (the ones with vertical layout) have been moved over to the mobile category, as there is no discernable difference between the two.

So basically:

Vertical Layout is MOBILE (either website or the app) and must be played with touchscr

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