about adding becored's records again
6 years ago

Hey so I received messages from garadas regarding beco's runs having been reuploaded on Youtube:

garadas21: hey there! i found two of beco's gimmick run on youtube garadas21: both WRs garadas21: i saw that you're one of the mods garadas21: could you add them both? tnx! garadas21: any%: garadas21: best ending:

Imo the records should definitely be added to the LB again but that being said, seeing as the runs are on someone else's youtube (the guy is not taking credit for the runs to be clear, he just reuploaded them unlisted so they're not lost), it would probably be a nice idea to send a message to becored to see if he wants to reupload them himself on one of his accounts, whether it's twitch or youtube, and submit them again himself.

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I just sent a message to becored myself, linking to this thread.

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He put the runs back on his youtube profile, link here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-sJfY8uu2wi15fP92TSBcA/videos

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