Category Suggestion “Boss coop
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Category Suggestion “Boss coop

I would like to propose the following category: Bosses but with coop

What: this speedrun category is suggested with the idea of completing everysingle boss in cooperative mode.

Where: this category if enacted would be placed under the superior category of “Bosses” and would have a distinguishment between single player, and cooperative.

How: This would function as a single player boss category but in multiplayer.

Why: The addition of this category would open up opportunities to more categories. specific rules: The rules in addition to total genshin impact speedruning rules and the bosses category would be: Everyone is allowed to use only one character for every-single boss (can be changed if undesirable in review process) The competitors are allowed to heal im between bosses the competitors are not allowed to be revived if the die from the time that the boss has started till the boss ends, Time will be counted by in game time regardless of loading, Everyone must start the same boss at the same time.

I hope by the addition of this category this will add some spice to the genshin boss category, and all details can be edited to desire if need be. Thank you.

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Thank you for the category suggestion. The moderators have discussed and created the categories and rules. Please read the rules carefully and participate.


Co-Op Mode is allowed.

All players must be on the same World Level.

Players will not be allowed to enter or leave the world during the run.

The time will be measured by the video of the person who submitted the video.

The target boss must be defeated in the video.

If teams split up and defeat different bosses, there must be a recording of all bosses defeated.

2-4 people, all together up to 8 characters can be used. However, if multiple players use the same character, they will be counted as different characters.

Dvalin does not have Co-Op Mode and does not have to fight.

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