any chance of sort the categories differently'
1 year ago

Dear mods, taking into consideration the notable differences of the arcade versions that are being emulated to perform the speedrun categories, will there be some way to separate them in arcade emulated in mame and other platforms?, as well as, for example, what is done in NEOGEO with the MVS and AES mode, to discriminate between the records, since the japan "A" version is clearly easier and I do not consider it to be of the same size.and the records made recently in the arcade stadium version, being absolutely well deserved,are impossible to measure with the original arcade versions.

hoping to have a good reception for healthy and free competition in this fabulous game, best regards.

Jönköping, Sweden

what is your issue exactly? The fact that its played on Capcom Arcade Stadium? Or that it's using the revision release that makes it the fastest version to run the game?

If you're talking about revision being faster than others, that becomes the default way of running the game: that's how speedrunning works. Typically for Arcade, you don't see a category being made for every revision release.

Edit: I just went back and read everything in

And I still agree with everything that is said here. But everyone so far have done runs on Jap Rev A, so there's really no need to take any action yet. If enough people start submitting via different revisions, eventually the arcade leaderboard will likely get its own game page as previously discussed years ago. But it is not currently an immediate concern.

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