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Livesplit shows an error which states
Tis game version is currently not supported.Unsupported - 82083840
How did you guys solve this issue i cant find anything?

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hey, please join our discord so way more people will be able to help you. Just click the Discord buttom on the left between resources and streams

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hey bro have you solved your problem yet?
I met the same problem as u


unfortunately i have nothing new to tell.

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Please Join speedruning discord.
We can share test version of ASL file on it.
The ASL hasn't been updated to new patch yet.

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alright anyway thx


Can we downgrade the game for continue to speedrun ?
And if we can, how to make it ?(the method in the discord doesn't work for me...)


You should ask for help on Discord for downpatching


I am totally unfamiliar with discord, since i usually never use it. The asl was really hard to find for me but now i managed to do it, thanks again @JanisSGJanisSG.

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If anyone has a similar question:
Please join the Discord.
We are not likely to upload to an unfinalized asl file on this site.
In addition, all downpatching information is also on our Discord.
If you cannot find our Discord, there is a button underneath the follow button on this page.
If you do not have Discord, sign up and you can use it in-browser; no downloads required.

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