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5 years ago
Midi-Pyrénées, France


I love this game and tried to follow your steps but I did it in 3 hours lol.

So I thought about making a new category for faster runs, maybe reach a certain level/ field, that would take like 25-30 minutes, so trying runs on this game would be more accessible.

Maybe reach level 40 ? But that's not really a fun objective, if you have any ideas :)

Hey, I think before we create fun categories, we should start filling the already existing leaderboards, don't you think? :)

Alternatively, you can also submit times for Individual Levels/Fields.

Virginia, USA

Any% runs are pretty accessible already, but all fields is just a super long grind. It might be a good idea to have something longer than any% but isn't as repetitive as all fields.

It might be alright to have a category be 'all vision fields', but I haven't looked at the map in detail to see how many fields that requires completing to do. If it is too many, there would be no reason to have that category since it would be too similar to all fields. In my experience from actually doing all fields, the vision fields are the only things that are even remotely interesting in that run after the big exp farm.

Alternatively, there could be a different interpretation of 'all vision fields', where you start the run with a completed file, then just play each vision field one by one until all of them have been completed. That would probably end up being shorter than any% and so might be pretty accessible for new runners, other than the fact that vision fields are generally harder than other fields, since you can't get an advantage by having a higher wizard level and so on.

Other than that, I could see 'unlock all skills' being somewhat interesting, or even a category where you have to get all of the journey notes, although it would be hard to verify that you have all of them.

If you want categories shorter than any%, one idea would be a run where you unlock a particular skill, like curse or barrage (freeze, bolt, and beam are way too early for it to be interesting at all I would think). Those could be good practice categories, since those are skills required to complete any% anyways, so it would be a good practice category as preparation for any%.


I think a "Vision Only" category from a completed file could be workable. Would it be worth learning this late? The next game is presumably coming out this year according to Peter.

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