Moderator Request
7 years ago

Hi, this is mainly aimed at Skaleks.

I am currently the GOW3 Moderator requesting to be a moderator for GOW4.

I primarilly ran GOW3 Horde speedruns and now recently aquired GOW4 and routed it a few times I am wanting to do GOW4 runs aswell as GOW3.

I have a few IL runs aswell as a Any% normal run to submit.

I propose that the formatting of the categories for Horde to be the same as GOW3 with the exception of difficulty.


Horde Any% Casual Horde Any% Normal Horde Any % Hardcore Horde Any% Insane

With the potential of doing individual level runs like GOW3 but obviously x 4 difficulty levels.

Rules stay the same as GOW3. No mutators, no cheats, waves 1-50 and video must contain footage of all 50 waves.

Unlike GOW3, GOW4 no longer has a "end of game screen" with a final ingame time. (WHICH IS A HUGE PAIN IN THE ARSE AND I HOPE THEY PATCH ASAP!) Because of this; Timing is based on the accumulative total of ingame time for each individual wave.

I have routed the horde runs via PC and XBOX and there is no diffrence so having a PC and XBOX category is redundant. Especially as timing is based off ingame time. This can't be said for story mode however and that needs to still be split between PC and XBOX.

I will submit my Normal any% run to the current horde 3.0 Any% category but I would change the category to Normal Horde 3.0 Any% and add the other 3 difficulties.

I plan on getting between 3-5 runs done and submitted every week for atleast the next 2 months to try and get some baseline set for GOW4 horde runs.

Super moderatorSlevanas
She/Her, They/Them
7 years ago

Okay added you and will make those changes and I'm glad you're going to be doing runs. Hopefully you can keep this game alive in terms of speedrunning.

I had tried to make horde have difficulty subcategories but it looked too ugly with the console subcategories too. So they're there own categories as it looks better even if there is more of them.

Good luck on the future runs :D

Edited by the author 7 years ago

Thanks buddy. I am unsure that we would still require console subcategories for Horde 3.0 aswell as difficulty as Horde runs are based off multiplayer in game time and not RTA.

This being the case, what you are running on will have no impact to the individual wave in game times.

It would make the category more streamlined and attractive to newcommers.

It would be just like GOW3 XBOX360/XBOXone horde runs.


Super moderatorSlevanas
She/Her, They/Them
7 years ago

The problem is that the variable is set for all full game categories. You can't select which ones it affects, and the only workaround is to make multiple variables for each one besides horde. I know it's annoying, but horde just has to deal with that.

There is an alternative, make horde categories miscellaneous categories. I feel people wouldn't like horde as a misc category though.


alright. I think this is closed. :)

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