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Hi everyone,

OdessaMama has not logged into their account for over 6 months now so I am now also a super mod.

I have removed the with mousekeys category as its imposible to tell if someone cheated due to the simplicity of the game and how easy it is to use macros.

I ahve moved all runs over to the Any% category and re-reviewed all runs, any that have a missing video or only a picture as proof have been removed as the HTML of the page can be easily edited.

Cheating is now ALLOWED, please feel free to re-submit any previously rejected runs that used mousekeys, macros etc.


Lmfao I'm out. This game has been an absolute shitshow for over a year now, what a joke.


Oh so cool! I hope we can now improve the quality of this category!


Thats your opinion Rodrigo, its impossible to verify if someone cheated or not and the old system of "Anything under X time is cheated" is just stupid, this is the best compromise available without requiring external software.