what is going on?
1 year ago
South Australia, Australia

this game seems like every single run is obviously cheated, I was interested in submitting a time until i saw the top runs

please get better moderation...

Basque Country

read the rules lol, using scripts is completly allowed for the any% category meanwhile im pretty sure the "All Hurdles" category has all its runs legitimaly done, and is the main category as it is actualy the one interesting to play and not as cheatable i recommend you going for all hurdles category Any% is just absurd xd we all know every top run there is scripted, including the mod himself

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Hurdles 2012 was added to sr.c, and google series by old moderation. Game just shouldn't be here, but we can't really remove it. It's impossible to actually keep leaderboards for a game like that legit. Hence macros, scripts are allowed. It's not even a race for the best player. It's just impossible to tell the difference (ofc if someone makes a normal human time). Games like that aren't being added to speedrun.com anymore. I'd recommend taking a look into different games in Google series. That are actually speedrunnable.

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Also as killed stated, All Hurdles category isn't scripted by people cause actual hurdles are RNG (the distance in which they spawn in).

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