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- Using a camera
- using sound ( hearing the keys )
- using a keyboard overlay
*I know it can be fake but who gonna fake that seriously, and it's still a proof
I tried to get WR without hacks, but i don't think it's possible to do WR without using something or not playing with regular keys


using scripts is allowed its in the rules


It should have a category where the cheat / scripts are forbidden. Without that this game has no interest to be on
We just have to use a script and that's it. . .


There is no way to prove someone isnt using VERY basic scripts, google what a rubber ducks is, you cant even prevent scripts by closing all other applications.

I am not going to make the average user jump a bunch of hoops for a google doodle.

If scripts are so easy, beat the WR rather than just equalling it.


I find it sad to use scripts. . it destroys a bit the fact of tryhard to have a WR (Attention I do not say it's simple) In any case I will continue to speedrun because the game is funny, On one side I hope not to be the only one to do it normally. . . ;/