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As you can see in St.Clairs newest time 0m 02s 800ms, he has his icons on his taskbar, but there is not a mousekey icon, which means that he didnt have mousekeys enabled.

It couldnt be any more obvious. Try this for yourself and mousekeys will ALWAYS show up. there is no excuse for this.

St.Clair should be banned from posting runs because he continually continues to cheat runs.

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Omg .-. I'm too dumb for dat shit 😱 (Btw how to ban from posting? Just reject all runs or wut?)


you can't ban him frm posting you just can always reject his runs

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Sorry thats what I meant, reject all his runs.
I have tried everything and there is NO way the mouse key icon cannot show up on the taskbar when using icons.
And its not that big of a deal, it was hard to find.

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The fuck is mousekeys? I never said I run mouse keys and it isnt required for runs?

Im legitimately confused, I do runs on a laptop and use my wrist resting on the touchpad to do mouse clicks wphile I lean over and use Left+Right to run also


Just checked, my run is in the mousekeys category but you just said I dont use mousekeys?

Very confused